Cardi B beckons for support for female rappers
Cardi B beckons for support for female rappers

Cardi B beckons for support for female rappers

” There’s a whole lot of women rap artists who be rapping they ass off as well as do not be speaking about their p ** sy as well as do not be chatting concerning coming down on filthy and also y’ all don’t be sustaining them,” she said in response. “So do not blame that s ** t on us, when y’ all not the ones supporting them.”

” It appears that’s what individuals wish to hear,” she continued. “When I did Take care individuals we’re speaking mad s ** t at first. If that’s what individuals ain’t attempting to listen to, after that okay, I’m gonna go rap about my p ** sy again.”

In a video on Instagram on Thursday, Cardi attended to Dupri’s remarks and called on fans to show the very same assistance for the similarity Rapsody, Tierra Smack, Kamaiyah, as well as Chika that they do for her.

The 26-year-old exerted to social media to voice her support of women MCs who aren’t just rapping regarding sex after producer Jermaine Dupri banged hip-hop for being filled up with “strippers rapping.”

Speaking in an interview with People Now, when asked just how he feels concerning Cardi, Nicki Minaj, and increasing star Meghan Thee Stallion, Dupri was unimpressed, commenting: “For me, it’s like strippers rapping and also as for rap goes I’m not getting that’s the most effective.”

Cardi B has prompted fans to show their assistance for women rappers that don’t just rap concerning sex.

She added that the rappers who do chat about sex are the ones that get the most effective feedback from the audience.

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