Greece's central political parties brace for Sunday's election
Greece's central political parties brace for Sunday's election

Greece’s central political parties brace for Sunday’s election

The Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, took his last pre-election rally on Friday saying his party has not yet been defeated, regardless of point of view polls recommending his competitors are most likely to win Sunday’s ballot.

He said Greek individuals have to strive to vote and also provide a strong required to his event to create the next Greek federal government.

Mitsotakis finished his political election campaign in the Macedonia region of northern Greece, where his event has one of the most political power. He talked with individuals from several cities yet did not have a massive rally.

He stated: “Our individuals can not neglect the dark days of this country from 2010 till January 1st of 2015 when we secured the big political return; the largest comeback in the modern-day history of the country.”

Speaking in Athens, Tsipras reminded advocates why they selected to back him in the past.

Alexis Tsipras firmly insisted that Syriza can turn the point of view polls around. Tsipras was speaking at his final political election rally in Syntagma Square.

Campaigning has now formally ended in advance of voting which happens on Sunday.

Both the Prime Minister and also the President of New Democracy, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, prompted people to utilize their votes on Sunday.

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