Trump honors Mohammed bin Salman at G20 despite Khashoggi controversial murder
Trump honors Mohammed bin Salman at G20 despite Khashoggi controversial murder

Trump honors Mohammed bin Salman at G20 despite Khashoggi controversial murder

Donald Trump has commended the questionable Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, calling him a “buddy of mine” who has “really done things” to produce a much more balanced Saudi Arabia.

Crown Prince Salman was fiercely criticized after the accusations that he was behind the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi who was an outspoken critic of Crown Prince Salman’s regime, killed last year. Talking at the G20 Summit in Japan, the US President showered praise on Crown Prince Salman, and also his work on sustaining women.

He was seen going right into the consular office, where he was collecting records on October 2.

Saudi officials reject any involvement.

A CIA report implicated Crown Royal Prince Salman in Mr. Kashoggi’s murder after a team of hitmen was sent out from Riyadh to Istanbul where the reporter was ambushed.

However, the official line changed on October 20 when the Saudi federal government revealed a preliminary investigation by prosecutors had concluded the journalist passed away during a “fight” when withstanding attempts to return him to Saudi Arabia.

The CIA think Crown Prince Salman was accountable for the reporter’s death.

A separate forensic report from the UN found “legitimate proof” Crown Royal prince Mohammed, as well as other senior Saudi officials, understood of the killing.

Nonetheless, Trump cut short of attending to press reporters’ concerns on the death of Mr. Khashoggi.

” I believe especially what you’ve provided for women as well as seeing what’s happening – it resembles a transformation in a very favorable method.”

Royal prince Mohammed informed Bloomberg News that the reporter had left the consulate “after a couple of mins or one hour” as well as urged: “We have nothing to hide.”

For more than two weeks after Mr. Kashoggi’s disappearance, Saudi Arabia consistently denied any knowledge of his fate.

Saudi authorities continued to give clashing descriptions of what took place – one stated Mr. Kashoggi had died in a chokehold, but then-Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said the exact cause of death was unknown.

He said: “It’s an honor to be with the crown royal prince of Saudi Arabia, a close friend of mine – a guy that has made points in the last five years in regards to opening up Saudi Arabia.

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