Thousands of Nurses in UK demand laws ensuring safe staffing levels
Thousands of Nurses in UK demand laws ensuring safe staffing levels

Thousands of Nurses in UK demand laws ensuring safe staffing levels

Members of the Royal University of Nursing provided a letter the other day to Health Secretary Matt Hancock warning “patient care is enduring” as the NHS battles to manage a 40,000 shortfall in its team numbers.

The letter advised Mr. Hancock to bring in a regulation stating that he is responsible for ensuring there are registered nurses with the best skills to maintain clients secure.

Spokesperson from Department of Health and Social Care said: “It is currently a need for healthcare facilities to have the appropriate personnel, in the best place, at the best time as well as our Long Term Plan lays out exactly how we will ensure the NHS remains the safest medical care system in the world.”

When they authorized the letter at the RCN’s yearly congress last month, RCN England supervisor Patricia Marquis said registered nurses had made their feelings known.

She added: “The message is clear– we’re at a tipping point– and participants across the country recommend it.

There are 40,000 nursing jobs in the NHS in England alone. Patient care is suffering. Nurses are suffering.

” A regulation on effective and also secure staffing can aid establish all of us on a far better course. Wales has one. Scotland has one. When will we? We’re relying on you to promote legislation in England as well.”

” The only means to provide the urgent activity we require, that will ensure we have the ideal registered nurses, with the best abilities, operating in the best places, is through legislation.”

Among the protesters, Victoria Marshall, from Bath, stated: “I’m a registered nurse in A&E as well as our doors never quit opening. The people maintain coming, and they’re all very unwell; however, there’s simply no assistance, registered nurses can’t maintain. We’re just not staffed correctly.”

It stated: “Dear Matt, We’ve reached speak. There are 40,000 nursing openings in the NHS in England alone. Patient treatment is experiencing. Registered nurses are suffering. A lot of are electing with their feet. We need to change.

These are nursing staff that is beginning to grow impatient with the Health Secretary because of their peers in Scotland, as well as Wales, are operating in problems that are arguably more secure than in England.

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