French police fined women protesting burkini ban
French police fined women protesting burkini ban

French police fined women protesting burkini ban

Cops fined a group of women protesting local burkini bans in France on Sunday after requiring to a public pool in Grenoble putting on the controversial swimsuits.

The women, 10 of whom used burkinis, were showing against the restriction on their swimsuit. The protestors said that they had received the support of fellow pool individuals; however, after leaving the swimming pool, were handed a fine from the neighbourhood cops.

The burkini has triggered much debate because numerous French municipalities prohibited it in 2016. At the time, conservative neighbourhood authorities said that the burkini broke France’s mandate for secularism, while many believed this thinking to be thinly veiled Islamophobia.

Soumia that is a member of Partnership Citoyenne stated: “We prepare to get in discussion with the district.” If these talks do not happen, nevertheless, Soumia said she and also her fellow activists “are ready to go back to a lovely swimming pool this coming Sunday despite the daily dangers we get”.

Reactions to the women’s demonstration on social media were mostly encouraging. In solidarity with the demo, one Twitter user published: “Women’s civil liberties will certainly decline whenever men use secularism as a pretext for Islamophobia.”

The demo came as a component of the more comprehensive “Civil liberty for Muslim Women” movement, which was launched by civil freedoms group Partnership Citoyenne in 2015.

” We would certainly like the legislation to be changed so we have the freedom to shower in burkini whatever the reason might be,” stated protestor Soumia on Tuesday.

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