Rory MacDonald outclasses Neiman Gracie to retain title

Rory MacDonald surpasses Neiman Gracie to retain the title

New York City: Rory MacDonald def. Neiman Gracie through unanimous decision (49-46, 48-47 x2), at Bellator 222 on Friday, June 14, 2019, live from Madison Square Yard in New York, NY.

“It’s such an honor to complete in a location such as this,” stated MacDonald after the fight.

Rory MacDonald maintained his welterweight title versus Neiman Gracie and proceeded to the semifinals of the Welterweight World Grand Prix.

Round 1

There was a solid backup for the challenger inside MSG. The New Yorker was looking to move as well as come to be the brand-new champion on the finals of the Welterweight Grand Prix. With a touch of gloves, Gracie and also MacDonald went to battle.

The round finished with both individuals waiting for the various other to attack, stimulating a counter or a step to the ground.

The first 2 minutes were spent by both guys feeling each various other out. MacDonald, with 2:30 left, tossed a leg kick after that stumbled to the canvas, however, obtained up promptly.

The two met in the center with MacDonald landing the first stab. Gracie threw a strong, low leg kick but MacDonald solved back to the facility. MacDonald threw a strong 1-2 after that a leg kick that was obstructed by Gracie.

Round 2

With one minute left, the action remained on the ground with MacDonald on leading, however with little activity. MacDonald ultimately landed a big elbow with 25 secs left, then a massive right 5 seconds later. The round ended with MacDonald in addition to Gracie.

As MacDonald wanted to get the arms complimentary, Gracie wasn’t letting MacDonald anywhere near his neck. MacDonald didn’t have many options; however, to toss some elbow joints as well as a few punches.

Gracie began the round with more aggression, landing his first takedown 17 seconds in it. Gracie after that, took the foot of MacDonald seeking a leg lock. As Gracie relentlessly drew on the foot of MacDonald, the champion landed a sharp right hammer-fist.

Gracie was looking to get the fight right back to the ground. He landed the takedown with three minutes to go in the round.

Round 3

MacDonald landed a solid right hand 30 secs in, but Gracie wasn’t going to vanish easy. The bruise under the eye of Gracie appeared to grow as MacDonald landed a pair more jabs. Now, With 3:10 left in the round, Gracie shot in for the takedown. MacDonald stuffed it away than 10 seconds later, it was the champ who slammed Gracie to the floor covering with authority.

Right in front of 50 cents, MacDonald landed strong shots and ceased total control of the fight to this factor. As MacDonald proceeded to control the activity, Gracie, like a lightning bolt, swept the arm and also practically locked up an armbar. The champ somehow got away and obtained right back on top of Gracie.

The round ended like the second, with MacDonald on top of Gracie.

With a massive swelling under the left eye, Gracie would certainly require to make some modifications after relatively shedding the first two round.

Round 4

For over two mins, it was MacDonald that remained on top of Gracie in full control.

Gracie began functioning the stab a bit even more to start the round. However, MacDonald responded to with thrusts of his very own, forcing Gracie to back up. Gracie landed a counter left hook, however hardly staggered the champ. With a little blood appearing of his nose, MacDonald maintained waiting on the counter. Gracie took the opportunity of MacDonald waiting as well as clinched along the cage.

On his back, Gracie was head first on the canvas wanting to sink in the choke. Now on the ground, MacDonald discontinued control as well as had Gracie on his back versus the cage.

Round 5

Gracie laid on-top of MacDonald with not strikes or any motions of an entry. For over a min, Gracie didn’t even throw a punch. Currently, in control, Gracie wanted to draw MacDonald to his back but had no good luck.

Recognizing the needs a finish, Gracie brought out a pair stabs and kicks. Gracie pressed MacDonald versus the cage, trying a takedown.

With 1:23 left, MacDonald tried to return to his feet. Gracie started to throw a few punches with one minute to go. With 15 secs left, Gracie went for one last leg submission yet never finished.

For the first time in the battle, Gracie had a full mount.

MacDonald will now advance to face Douglas Lima in the final round.

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