S Korean Crypto-Pay Company Dragged into Mega Burning Sun Scandal
Seungri. Source: a video screenshot, Youtube/CNBC Indonesia

S Korean Crypto-Pay drew into mega burning Sun Scandal

The scandal came from with an authorities investigation in January this year of an attack at a Seoul bar named Burning Sunlight, had by Seungri, a participant of popular boyband Big Bang.

Nupay has counted on YG, Seungri’s unique company, demanding a refund for the money it paid to the K-pop skill firm for advertising legal rights as well as an exclusive photo/video shoot.

YG has said that as it had offered (undefined) “assistance” for Seungri’s Nupay photo/video shoot, it would only be willing to give the cryptocurrency company with a “partial” reimbursement.

And also now Nupay has been dragged right into the rumor. The platform had been making use of Seungri as a design in its ad campaign before the scandal. However, after the information of the boyband participant’s arrest damaged, several Nupay capitalists required reimbursements.

Nonetheless, the examination swiftly intensified, with Seungri as well as a variety of A-list Oriental celebs later on found to have been entailed in high-stakes medication deals as well as hooking rings. The stars entailed have been billed variously with soliciting prostitutes for big-paying clients, sexual attack and also illegally shooting as well as sharing intimate video clips of women taken without their consent.

Big Bang’s skill company, YG Home entertainment one of the most magnificent K-pop ability stables in the country– has additionally been linked straight in the scandal. The Burning Sunlight rumor that even has its own Wikipedia web page has moreover brought about road objections. President Moon Jae-in has because ordered an examination after numerous police officers linked in the rumor were additionally charged with corruption.

Media electrical outlet Asia reports that although an infinite variety of financiers have already refunded, others are yet to obtain payment– and also some are wanting to file a claim against Nupay for fraudulence.

A South Korean cryptocurrency payments system Nupay is the most up to date company to drawn into the after-effects of the long-running major Burning Sunlight K-pop hooking, sex, and drug detraction.

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