SC orders sugar mill owners to pay dues by Friday

SC orders sugar mill owners to pay dues by Friday

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Wednesday purchased sugar mill owners to pay all existing dues to sugarcane growers byFriday A three-member bench headed by Justice Azmat Saeed released the order.

The overall dues Brothers Sugar Mills have to clear are Rs6789 million. Darya Khan sugar mills have to clear Rs57 m and Pattoki Sugar Mills have to clear dues worth Rs591 m.

The court purchased that mill owners ought to hand their cheques, made in the name of the deputy commissioners of appropriate districts over to the sugarcane commissioner byFriday The commissioner will turn over the cheques to the deputy commissioners of the appropriate districts.

The court even more stated that if the cheques are not sent by Friday, the Advocate General’s workplace ought to submit an application on the matter in court.

“If the commitment made with the court is not upheld, there will be dire consequences. It will not be good if the cheques bounce or do not arrive by Friday,” Justice Azmat Saeed alerted.

In January, sugarcane growers had actually revealed issue over the federal government’s failure to execute the Supreme Court’s order relating to payment of the sugarcane cost to the farmers.

The peak court had actually repaired the rate of Rs180 per 40 kg for mills throughout the nation after farmers stated that the millers were robbery farmers at free choice as costs set by the court 4 years earlier have yet to be carried out.

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