Boris Johnson: Tory leadership favourite's 'breathtaking weakness' revealed | UK | News

Boris Johnson: Tory leadership favourite’s ‘spectacular weak point’ revealed|UK|News

The previous Foreign Secretary, who introduced his project the other day, has actually protected the assistance of 83 MPs out of an overall of 234 who have actually stated their favored prospect. This puts him head and shoulders above his closest opposition, Jeremy Hunt on 34 MPs. Mr Johnson stated the other day that he had the “guts and courage” to take the UK out of the EU by October 31– offer or not.

However, he has one huge weak point according to Ken Livingstone, who went head-to-head with Mr Johnson two times in the fight to be Mayor of London, losing both times.

Mr Livingstone was the very first Mayor of London from 2000-2008 however was then beaten by Mr Johnson in 2008 and 2012.

The veteran left-winger stated his previous challenger’s weak point is that he wishes to be liked by everybody, even his political foes.

In 2012, when the set were campaigning to be Mayor of London they had a heated argument on LBC, throughout which both guys implicated the other of being a tax avoider.

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After the program, it was supposedly Mr Johnson who looked for to comprise, Mr Livingstone informed a 2013 BBC documentary ‘Boris Johnson: The Irresistible Rise’.

Mr Livingstone stated: “What I discovered incredible was here is somebody who effectively might be Prime Minister one day, might need to lead the country, and he was fretted that I was mad with him.

” And this is an awesome weak point in a political leader– he wishes to be liked, even by the individuals he’s ruining.”

That stated, Mr Livingstone kept in mind that Mr Johnson had other qualities that made him a “formidable opponent”.

He stated Mr Johnson’s humour and capability to make individuals feel great about themselves were effective qualities that few individuals have.

He included that these qualities enable him to “get away with a lot”.

Mr Livingstone informed the documentary: “I identified right away when he stated he was going to run this was going to be my most powerful challenger– since individuals laugh, you understand.

” I would never ever miss out on Have I Got News For You when he was on– I would nearly fall off the chair.

” That’s an extremely effective quality.

“Boris makes individuals feel great about themselves, it’s an extremely effective force to have in politics, few individuals have that.”

Mr Johnson is presently preferred for the leading task with bookies, as Betfair use chances of 4/9 on the 54- year-old.

Jeremy Hunt is 2nd preferred at 8/1 while Andrea Leadsom is 3rd at 10/ 1.

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