Tesla has a style for a submarine car simply sitting around

Teslawants to flaunt a prototype of an electric pickup this year and it’s dealing with bringing the Design Y and Class 8 semi truck into production.

However truly, who appreciates any of that due to the fact that Tesla obviously has a design for a submarine automobile just sitting around gathering dust.

Tesla CEO Elon Muskmentioned the electrical submarine car in response to a question during the company’s yearly shareholder’s conference Tuesday in Mountain View, Calif. The shareholder asked whether Tesla had thought about developing a water automobile, indicating a car that could travel on roads, and after that shift into or under water.

It ends up a style exists for a submarine cars and truck motivated by the Lotus Esprit featured in the James Bond film, the Spy Who Loved Me.

” I thought that was like the coolest thing,” Musk stated, adding that he owns the vehicle from the motion picture.

Musk said it’s technically possible to make a working variation, but added “I think the market for this would be small– small, however enthusiastic.”

Building such a lorry would be a distraction, Musk said. Nevertheless, he left the opportunity open that perhaps someday Tesla would make it a show vehicle.


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