See <em>Buddies</em> star Jennifer Aniston share where she thinks Ross and Rachel would be today

The one where Emma vapes …

It’s been 15 years sincePalsconcerned an end, however never ever fear Ross and Rachel fans, the cherished set is still together and their child Emma is all matured, at least as far as Jennifer Aniston is concerned.

The Netflix whodunitMurder MysteryThe clip tweeted Tuesday by the NBC News PR account starts with Sandler sharing that he has become real-life good friends with the rest of theBuddiescast.Today‘s West Coast anchor Natalie Morales utilizes this as an opportunity to resolve the future of Aniston’s character after the essential sitcom ended its decade-long run in2004 “If Rachel Green were out and about today, where would she be? Is she with Ross? They’re back together?” Morales asks.

” Yes, absolutely,” responds to Aniston, without missing a beat. “Emma’s grown up. She remains in college? Not yet …”

” High school,” corrects Sandler. “She’s vaping in high school and you’re just lookin’ the other method. Method to go.”

Sandler’s math includes up. Given Emma Geller-Green’s May 12, 2002 birth date, she would be a 17- year-old likely going into the summer season prior to her senior year of high school– and navigating the drama of friendship, the ideal senior prom date, standardized screening, and college applications that comes with it. Imagining Rachel and Ross parenting a teenager together sounds like a perfect spin-off waiting to take place!

Watch the full teaser clip above of theMurder Secretcostars, who previously played a couple in the 2011 rom-comSimply Choose ItAnd watch for the complete section to air during theTodayshow Wednesday at 10 a.m. ET to see what else the duo has to state on the subject.

Murder Secretwill be released on Netflix on June 14.

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  • See <em>Buddies</em> star Jennifer Aniston share where she thinks Ross and Rachel would be today


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