Here’s A Guide To Future’s Three New Impossibly Unfortunate Videos


Who else do you know that drops 3 videos at one time? Future’s a various type of beast, particularly now that his new EP,Save Me, is out. Rather of presenting songs and videos over the span of weeks for the recently launched body of work, Future’s tossed care to the wind and launched three brand-new videos today (June 11): “Federal Government Authorities,” “Love Thy Enemies,” and “XanaX Damage.”

The visuals, all directed by Henri Alexander Levy, the founder of punk style line Enfants Riches Déprimés, are differing degrees of sullen and dissatisfied. You may need a pick-me-up after looking at them. I recommend a snow cone.

  • ” Federal Government Official”

    To Begin With is “Government Authorities.” The spacey number gets a visual that has to do with as random as Future’s creative extensions usually come, finding him riding shotgun in a car and then dancing around what looks like an art museum. The electronic camera flashes and various paintings and illustrations are shown, revealing some exceptionally creepy and ridiculous work. If Future painted these, he might be the next Picasso.

  • ” Love Thy Enemies”

    ” Love Thy Enemies” is a psychological affair that moves slower. Here, it appears like pain and suffering are the feelings that he desires to make clear. Close-ups of his sullen face and the frowns of surrounding females expose people dealing with “breaks up and revelations” as the song so lovingly puts it. You’ll just wish to purchase everybody a snow cone there so that you’ll see at leastonesmile.

  • ” XanaX Damage”

    The last of the 3 is “Xanax Damage” that takes things in a more cartoonish instructions with the incorporation of classic anime. Future’s sad and destroyed again, sighing and crying into a phone while talking with a lover. There are more pictures of suffering, however rather of in one room, it’s across an entire house. We see cellular phone submerged in water and spoons with strange substances powdered upon them and tvs with anime that nobody is focusing too. It ends with a shot of cartoonish car driving towards the screen. Somewhat upsetting.

Future teasedConserve Melast week with a surprise Instagram statement. It’s his second job of the year following his seventh studio albumThe Wizrddropping in January. Last year, he releasedWrld on Drugswith Juice Wrld andBeast Mode 2.

Have a look at Future’s three perplexing videos up above.

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