Google leakages its own phone

Details of the Pixel 4 have been swirling around today, so Googlehas decided to just leakage the design of its next phone through its official Twitter account, exposing the backplate and new electronic camera module on the smartphone.

Well, since there appears to be some interest, here you go! Wait ’til you see what it can do.#Pixel 4 ″ the tweet from the company’s verified @MadeByGoogle account read.

Renders of the Pixel 4 had leaked this week via smartphone blog Pricebaba.

The back of the phone makes some huge changes. Most noticeable is the now-square electronic camera module with a pair of lenses, a flash module and a couple of other sensing unit modules. Also noteworthy is the apparent lack of a rear fingerprint reader, in contrast to previous models. There’s very little else apparent here, they didn’t publish renders of the device’s front.

Google’s Pixel 3 release sort of cemented that Google does not stake much of the Pixel line’s strengths on hardware specs, it’s everything about what it can utilize machine discovering software tricks to do within those bounds.

On that note, it deserves noting that Google has actually been pretty late to the two-camera rear module setup; at past occasion the business has always justified this by suggesting that since of their software application they can do more with one than most can do with 2. This was plainly the case provided the strengths of their video cameras, however there are undoubtedly benefits to having double cameras with various specifications, it seems Google is now prepared to take this plunge.


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