Enjoy SpaceX launch Canadian observation satellites aboard a re-used Falcon 9

SpaceXhas a launch scheduled today from California’s Vandenberg Air Force base, presently targeting a launch window of 14 minutes that opens at 7: 17 AM PT (10: 17 AM ET). The RADARSAT Constellation objective will bring a constellation of three satellites to low-Earth orbit, built by MDA for use by the Government of Canada in observing Canadian area and surrounding ocean, with the added capability of being able to likewise provide images from anywhere around the globe on top of its main purpose.

The Federal government of Canada will utilize the new satellites’ abilities to create precise maps of the sea ice present in Canada’s oceans and across the Terrific Lakes to assist map and navigate those bodies of water for industrial interests. The satellites likewise have receivers on board to help them tag and ID any seafaring “ships of interest,” according to the objective description. Other uses for the imagery recorded by the satellites consisting of assisting farmers enhance yields from crops will reducing energy consumption, and helping with the handling of catastrophes consisting of wild fires.

The very first phase of the Falcon 9 rocket to be utilized in this mission was flown as soon as previously– and just a few months ago in March, when it was used in an uncrewed demonstration objective for SpaceX’sTeam Dragon capsule.

Presently, the spacecraft is vertical at the launch pad waiting for the launch window. A backup window is set for Thursday, June 13 at 7: 17 AM PT. The webcast above should go live around 15 minutes prior to the lift scheduled for today at 7: 17 AM PT.


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