Animal Crossing: New Horizons consists of skin tone choices, gender-neutral hairstyles

Animal Crossing: New Horizonswill expand on the character customization choices form previous console games, letting gamers choose their own skin tone and instantly swap any of their character’s functions whenever throughout play.

Animal Crossing villagers’ facial features have actually been in the previous identified by brief quizzes at the start of each game, however Aya Kyogoku, the director of Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing video gameNew Horizons, stated gamers will have the ability to control every option of their character from the outset.

” Right from the start, you’ll have the ability to pick the method you desire to look,” Kyogoku said, in an interview with Polygon throughout E3. “All the facial parts or hairstyles are all gender-free. So you can choose from a swimming pool of hairstyles and facial features and then they’re also adjustable at any point in the video game. So if you feel like a particular method one day, then you can make that change quite quickly.”

These choices consist of hair color and design, eye color, and facial functions, with one notable addition: For the first time in a mainline Animal Crossing game, gamers can alter their villager’s skin color. The only method to alter your villager’s default pale skin color inAnimal Crossing: New Leafwas to get a tan, and some fans utilized save editors to permanently change their villagers skin color to more precisely reflect themselves within the video game.

The most recent video game in the franchise,Animal Crossing: Pocket Campfor mobile gadgets, was highly personalized. Clothes and Villager modification alternatives were mostly gender-free.

Thankfully, the character editor seems like its expanding for Animal Crossing’s next game, which shows up on the Nintendo Turn On March 20, 2020.


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