Microsoft working to get “every Xbox One video game” working on Scarlett

blast from today–.

Microsoft also stops existing backwards compatibility at 600 games.

Kyle Orland

LOS ANGELES– When Microsoft announced the first information of its next game console Sunday, it said that “thousands of games throughout 4 console generations will look and play finest on Job Scarlett.” In a video follow-up focused on backwards compatibility posted Monday, the business clarified that its objective is that “every game you play on Xbox One today [will] deal with the Scarlett gadget.”.

That would be a modification from previous Xbox console generations, which have actually just supported a considerable subset of previous generations’ titles through software application updates. It seems like getting Xbox One video games to operate on Project Scarlett will likewise take some particular software-level effort on the part of Microsoft, rather than being supported directly at the hardware level.

” Guaranteeing every video game that works on Xbox One is going to run extremely well on Scarlett will take a lot of commitment and time from our group,” Microsoft Head of Xbox Phil Spencer said in the video. “The group is dedicated. We’re ramping up our testing centers to ensure we can hit the ground running and ensure that things works.”

To represent that screening time (and to permit the backward-compatibility group to concentrate on Scarlett), Microsoft likewise revealed that, “after this week, we have no strategies to add extra Initial Xbox or Xbox 360 titles to the catalog on Xbox One.” That ends a program that started in 2015 with 104 Xbox 360 titles and has actually since grown to include 568 Xbox 360 video games (including 15 new ones revealed today) and 39 video games for the original Xbox (8 brand-new ones announced today). An overall of 69 games across both generations have actually also been “Enhanced” for the Xbox One X, with new textures and other improvements to look much better on 4K display screens.

  • That processor isn’t going anywhere on Microsoft’s watch.

  • Vacuum tubes, eat your heart out.

  • Confirmed: Microsoft’s next console has wires.

  • Confirmed: Microsoft’s next console uses electrical power.

  • Taking a more detailed look.

  • Hot hot heat sink shots.

  • That’s a nice logo for a tentative name that will not even be referenced in 2 years …

  • Which holiday? President’s Day is a vacation …

Microsoft advised readers of its blog today that backward-compatible video games supported on Xbox One can be purchased digitally or played “with the disc you currently own.” Checking out in between the lines a bit, that publish recommends Job Scarlett will likewise have a disc drive to ensure that through-line continues (though Microsoft has not officially validated any such disc-drive plans for its next console).

While the preliminary run of PlayStation 3 consoles had the ability to play every video game from the PlayStation line, Sony phased out that feature in subsequent hardware modifications. The PlayStation 4 only supports a choice previously PlayStation video games through PlayStation Now streaming. Sony has stated that the follower to the PlayStation 4 will be backward-compatible with games for that system.


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