Huawei is inviting famous developers to its own App Store AppGallery

Huawei is inviting famous developers to its own App Store AppGallery

Nothing is surprising about Huawei sending this email to program developers from Google Play. We have received similar emails from Amazon requesting us to release on the Amazon Appstore, so Huawei is far from alone in making those requests. Still, the timing of these requests is intriguing given the recent U.S. trade restrictions on Huawei and a current report by Bloomberg detailing Huawei’s app store strategy outside of China.

Late last month, headlines that Google had revoked Huawei’s Android license shook the tech community. Since then, we have seen hardware providers, chip designers, standards organizations, along with other companies, pull from their agreements with Huawei. This might be the reason that forced the company to speed up developing its own Android OS and Play Store alternatives. If the company wants to live without Google, they then will need to ensure that their smartphones have access to a flourishing program ecosystem. To the end, the company is continuing to send requests to developers of popular Play Store applications to get them to release their apps on EMUI’s pre-installed AppGallery app store.

Huawei's own App Store AppGallery
Huawei’s own App Store AppGallery

Many trusted developer, who desired to stay anonymous, told about this in the morning that they received email from Huawei. The email includes an invitation to join AppGallery, an app shop that the company claims has over 270 million monthly active users about half of which offered outside of China. The email asserts that programmers will be provided with full service to help them publish their app on AppGallery; however, it is unclear precisely what type of support will be offered to programmers.

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