Dark Phoenix Asks: What If Sansa Stark Were A Targaryen?

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By Valerie Tejeda

Jean Grey has always been one of the most intriguing characters in the Marvel universe, mainly due to the fact that she has an outrageous quantity of power. A Class 5 (or, Omega-level) mutant, she has the ability to do some quite effective things with the telepathic and telekinesis abilities she was born with.

InDark Phoenix, in theaters now, Jean develops into the titular Phoenix after being hit by a cosmic force in area that transforms her into one of the most powerful mutants ever– with unstable capabilities and a newly found darkness bubbling within her. Bringing Jean Grey to life on the cinema for a second time (she first looked like Jean in 2016’sX-Men: Apocalypse) is Sophie Turner, who likewise played the Queen in the North, Sansa Stark, onVideo Game of Thrones

InDark Phoenix, we discover Jean having a hard time to control her powers which are hazardous and growing to the point of mass destruction. The X-Men need to make the tough call to stop the monster she’s becoming or stand next to her. MajorVideo Game of Thronesvibes, right? With that being said, isDark Phoenixessentially Sansa Stark as a Targaryen?

Yes, they are both girls with red hair. However there’s more intriguing similarities between the 2 characters that even Sophie noticed during an interview with IGN back in 2015 after she was very first cast in the role.

Dark Phoenix Asks: What If Sansa Stark Were A Targaryen?20 th Century Fox

” I believe possibly one of the reasons that they selected me for [Jean] is due to the fact that they saw the dark side of Sansa. I definitely see a great deal of parallels in there,” she said. “[Jean] struggles with her power and not being accepted in the human world. I think in regards to [Game of Thrones], that’s sort of the method Sansa felt because she actually wanted to be a regular princess/queen and live a normal life– and she doesn’t, due to the fact that all this havoc takes place. I believe Jean, in a manner, feels that.”

When we first satisfy Sansa in Season 1 ofGame of Thronesshe’s a highborn Northerner who is wide-eyed, dreamy, and naive to a fault. Viewed as a fairly weak little woman, she has absolutely no concept the level of strength that is within her. When we first see Jean inX-Men: Apocalypsethere’s a comparable ambiance: Quiet, scheduled, with no idea of what she can really do. Both have men who take them under their wings, some with good intentions and some with not-so-good intents. For Sansa, it’s Little Finger. For Jean, it’s Charles Xavier. Both men attempt to mold the young women into who they would like them to be. Both females likewise experienced childhood injury that altered who they were and changed how they rely on, something Turner commented about once again in a current interview with HBO.

Dark Phoenix Asks: What If Sansa Stark Were A Targaryen?HBO

” They [Sansa and Jean] eventually utilize all of these dreadful things that happened to them and they end up being exceptionally strong females,” she said. “Jean has actually had Charles Xavier as her coach figure and instructor, and in this movie, there is no trust left. And Sansa on the other hand, when she’s in Winterfell, Jon and Dany exist and she doesn’t desire to take orders from them. She desires to kind of run her own shit, too, however she [Sansa] is far more fearless and effective than Jean is.”

Throughout their journeys, both Sansa and Jean are forced to find out who they are practically on their own, but the important things is: Sansa, who might’ve decreased a darker path, does not, while Jean does– reminding us of anotherGoTcharacter, Daenerys Targaryen.

” If the world’s were to collide, I think Jean would probably be a Targaryen,” Turner said in HBO’s The Interview. “She’s the Phoenix. She rises from the ashes similar to Daenerys does at the end of Season 1. It’s all about fire, infant!”

OnGame of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen’s mindset and the idea of “taming her” was of constant conversation. Based upon her family, she was bent towards possible madness– it’s like the stating goes: “Whenever a new Targaryen is born, the gods flip a coin”– and she had 3 dragons that could do a great deal of damage if she went down a dark path. (Side note: We are all not predestined to turn out as our households do; this is just how they played it onThrones)

Dark Phoenix Asks: What If Sansa Stark Were A Targaryen?HBO

A number of the guys in Daenerys’s life (Tyrion, Varys, Viserys) intended to repress her power and control her (like Jean and Sansa) and– spoiler alert– that didn’t discuss really well. In the end, Dany sets fire to King’s Landing and becomes so dangerous that Jon Snow has no option but to eliminate her.

But it was clear onGame of Thronesthat Daenerys went down a dark course due to the fact that she lost everything: her buddies, her assistance, her home, two of her dragons, her love, and her rightful claim to the Throne (thanks to Jon). And weThronesfans have actually heard that other popular expression: “A Targaryen alone worldwide is a horrible thing.” It’s safe to state if Dany wouldn’t have actually lost those things, she probably would not have actually laid waste to King’s Landing after those bells chimed.

Dark Phoenix Asks: What If Sansa Stark Were A Targaryen?20 th Century Fox

Sansa, on the other hand, got assistance after she got house to Winterfell. She continued to get smarter and more fearless and made the regard of everyone around her before being named Queen in the North. However it certainly makes you wonder: If the Starks would have never ever won Winterfell back, and if Sansa never returned house with the support of the Northerners, could she have decreased a comparable path as Daenerys? Add the curse of the Targaryen family in the mix and is that what the Phoenix is? Sansa with dragons– born from fire and blood– and without Winterfell?

Dark Phoenixtries to absolve Jean in such a way thatGame of Thronessimply didn’t have the time to do with Daenerys. Sure, the show tries to explain what went wrong, but we never ever get a gratifying conclusion. On the other hand, Jean’s redemption comes at a high expense– without any real emotional reward. Both characters meet a flawed, imperfect end, but just one takes the option into her own fiery hands.

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