The majority of Crazy $1 Million and Beyond Bitcoin Cost Predictions
Some of the most bullish bitcoin rate forecasts originate from VP’s, executives, co-founders, and other well-established financial figures.|Source: Shutterstock

Bitcoin rate forecasts are a penny a lot. They can go anywhere from zero to over a million dollars. Some wagerers like John McAfee are so confident that they are ready to go through unreasonable lengths (such as consuming their own member) to reveal their conviction. Do these crazy forecasts hold ground?

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We scoured the web and found that John McAfee is not alone in his forecast that the king of cryptocurrencies will reach a million dollar evaluation. Here are the most insane bitcoin predictions fearlessly shared by reliable financial figures.


John McAfee isn’t the only perma-bull on bitcoin.|Source: Twitter

Jesse Lund, Former VP of Blockchain and Digital Currencies for IBM

The previous IBM executive is a bitcoin bull after specifying during an interview that the rate of BTC will eventually tap $1 million. In the interview, Lund says that at $1 million, a Satoshi would equal one U.S. penny. He likewise kept in mind that liquidity would increase to over $20 trillion if one bitcoin is valued at $1 million. In his view, the $20 trillion liquidity would be an enormous game-changer in the global monetary services sector.


The bitcoin price is up by a triple-digit percentage year-to-date.|Source: CoinMarketCap

Wences Casares, Member, PayPal Board of Directors

Casares likewise got on the bitcoin $1 million valuations, however, his prediction comes with a rather sensible timeframe. According to the newest addition to PayPal’s board of directors: “One bitcoin might be worth more than $1 million in seven-to-10 years.” In his forecast, Casares emphasized stats that are often neglected such as:

  • 10 years of undisturbed development
  • Over 60 million holders
  • 1 million brand-new holders monthly
  • International transactions of over $1 billion each day

Julian Hosp, Author and Crypto Analyst

Like Casares, Hosp is also a big follower that bitcoin will strike $1 million in the next decade. To make this forecast, he counted on the metric called the stock-to-flow ratio. The metric calculates the present supply of the property and divides it by the annual amount produced to estimate future valuation. Using this ratio to calculate for bitcoin’s future value, the restricted supply of 21 million coins will eventually play a huge element.

According to Hosp, the stock-to-flow ratio has a 95%precision as it foretold the “2014 bubble, 2016 undervaluation, 2017 bubble, and undervaluation in summer 2018.” He also states that bitcoin’s cost will range in between $100,000 and $300,000 by 2020.

Zhu Fa, Poolin Co-Founder

The crypto mining swimming pool co-founder recently revealed his bullish view on bitcoin. On Feb. 10, Zhu Fa predicted that bitcoin would climb up as high as 5 million Chinese yuan. That’s equivalent to about $740,000 At the time, bitcoin was trading just above $3,500 and the overall sentiment was very bearish.

On his WeChat post, he stated:

” Bitcoin cost will remain in the variety of 500,00 yuan– 5,000,000 yuan ($74 k– $740 k) in the next round of the bull run … Likes and discusses crypto posts in the community keep going low nowadays, it now feels more like a bear market.”

While Fa’s projection is not in the million-dollar mark, $740,000 is still a mind-numbing boost of over 9,200%from the existing price of bitcoin at $7,950

Oliver Isaacs More Down to Earth Target Cost

Oliver Isaacs is a big Blockchain lover and influencer consultant well respected in the crypto neighbourhood. In his really recent interview with Independent, Oliver Isaacs explained:

” I believe bitcoin has the potential to hit $25,000 by the end of 2019 or early 2020.”

This is absolutely nothing compared to the other forecasts in this article. Nevertheless, it might still be tough to imagine that bitcoin’s cost will triple in cost in the next six months or so.

Bottom Line

Our research reveals that McAfee is not alone in his million-dollar bitcoin price forecast. Other reputable figures in the industry are likewise forecasting a comparable outcome. What does this mean for the average financier? Buy and hold. We might not see bitcoin rise to $1 million by 2020, however, quite a few professionals believe that we’ll get there in just 10 years.

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