Dem Hopeful Andrew Yang Slams Amazon in Viral Maher Clip

Andrew Yang desires to fund his proposed $1,000/ month payment to all American grownups through brand-new taxes against Amazon and the other tech giants. |Source: Shutterstock; Edited by WWN

Democratic governmental candidate Andrew Yang appeared on the Expense Maher show over the weekend. He discussed his Universal Basic Income (UBI) strategy in detail, suggesting that big tech companies including Amazon could bear the cost. The clip is taking off, with more than 300,000 YouTube views currently:

Yang has actually been promoting providing Americans loan by taxing huge tech business. With the Department of Justice releasing antitrust actions versus Google and other tech titans, Yang’s platform looks significantly appropriate to investors as bipartisan support for a tech crackdown builds.

Yang’s Concept: $1,000/ Month

Yang has made his UBI proposal the focal point of his campaign. He prepares to give every American 18 and older $1,000 monthly without any qualifications. He claims that this will bring back American financial vitality, develop tasks, promote a small company, and even reduce domestic violence.


Yang suggests that UBI would cause lots of unforeseen social benefits|Source: Twitter

While the concept of merely providing individuals cash no strings attached seems extreme, Yang notes that folks varying from Martin Luther King Jr. to Nobel Prize-winning financial experts have supported this effort.

Critics, nevertheless, have actually been fast to say his idea is too pricey. Yang readily confesses will cost something like $1.5 trillion annually. The federal government presently spends $4.7 trillion each year. Hence, this is a giant 30%increase in general government spending. So how would Yang spend for it, specifically as the federal government currently runs a massive deficit as is?

Build A Social Security Web; Make Bezos Spend For It

Yang didn’t mince words when telling Maher his agenda:

” The way we get the cash: Just how much did Amazon pay in taxes last year? Absolutely no … We have to produce a system where the American public actually take advantage of expert system. If we had even a moderate value-added-tax and provided the American public a tiny piece of every Amazon sale, every Google search, every Facebook ad, every robot truck mile, it would create over $800 million in brand-new income.”

In a look on Tucker Carlson’s show, Yang even more laid into Amazon. Reacting to Carlson’s concern about companies avoiding income tax, Yang said:

” Amazon is the most outright example, where they’re taking in $20 billion in company and causing 30%of American shopping malls and shops to close. And taxpayers are seeing zero in return.”

Yang kept in mind that other developed countries have a value-added-tax that is much harder for companies to evade than the U.S.’ current system.

” We require to wise up to the truth that companies like Amazon are really wise and are moving their incomes through locations like Ireland where the American taxpayer will see none of it. The value-added-tax will make it impossible to offer to us without paying into our society their fair share.”

Yang and Sanders: Various Views on the Minimum Wage

While both Yang and Bernie Sanders have garnered support from millennials due to their issue for underpaid young employees, they have various services to the problem. Sanders just recently crashed the Walmart yearly shareholder meeting to demand that they pay $15 per hour minimum to all their workers. Yang states this method is disadvantageous:


Yang recommends that a $15 per hour minimum wage would have unintended repercussions|Source: Twitter

Yang Has ‘Fun with Crypto’

In his Maher interview, Yang said “it is not immigrants” that are triggering financial problems for average Americans but rather “it’s technology.” Nevertheless, there’s at least one innovation that Yang highly he supports. He just recently posted an image with Litecoin developer Charlie Lee:


There’s no word yet of what the 2 may be developing in specific.|Source: Twitter

Yang has promised voters “Fun with crypto” in the White House if chosen and has a policy page on his website dedicated to his strategies for the industry.

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