Ariana Grande Is So Not Here For Anti-LGBTQ Protesting At Her Show

Fans of Ariana Grande can confirm to the fact that her performances are sort of like one huge love fest. However while Grande stands out at spreading love through music inside numerous arenas all over the world each night, that does not rather mean she’s able to control the bigotry and hatred that goes on outside as fired up concertgoers get ready for the show occasion of their lives.

On Saturday (June 8), one fan of the “Thank U, Next” singer posted disturbing video to their individual Twitter account, which included an anti-gay protester holding up a rainbow indication outside the venue with the word “pride” deleted. Undoubtedly, this protester’s straight-out hatred triggered some fans to fire back–specificallyconsidering that it’s Pride Month– but they weren’t the only ones entirely turned off by the guy’s incredibly homophobic words and actions.

Once Grande captured wind of the video footage herself, she responded to the fan on Twitter and once again took a strong stance versus attacks on the LGBTQ neighborhood. She likewise guaranteed her fans that, in the future, she will do her absolute best to ensure hatred like this has no location at her shows.

” male … saddened but not amazed by this one bit,” she tweeted. “i’m so sorry any of my fans had to experience this. we will do our finest to guarantee this doesn’t occur once again. proud of u all for not combating/ engaging strongly. never ever worth it. wishing him peace & a recovered heart cause woman yikes.”

But Grande didn’t stop there. The pop star desired her fans to know that, despite the fact that this sort of hatred unfortunately does rear its ugly head all too frequently, there’s still so much more love at her shows than there is hate. “he is extremely surpassed. you are all so celebrated and enjoyed and safe,” she included.

Before signing off for the night, Grande took one last hit at the protester, joking about how he most likely memorized all the choreography to “Be Alright.” “he was doing the be alright choreo in his garage later on that night, i pledge,” she tweeted. And honestly, she’s probably right.

As Arianators worldwide understand, this definitely isn’t the first time Grande has actually stood in uniformity with the LGBTQ community. For several years now, she’s been speaking up about the significance of accepting the community and defending equality and pride, and she’s also included these themes in numerous of her songs and music videos. (Have you seen the video for “Break Up With Your Sweetheart, I’m Tired?” It’s quite iconic.)

In 2015, Ariana attended to the LGBTQ fans at her Dallas concert, stating, “To my gay fans, I enjoy you so much. And to my fans who are not out of the closet yet, to my babes who are shy about it: I like you, and you do not need to rush. You can take your time … And if anyone provides any of y’ all shit about being who you are, I’ll kick their ass.”

Then, in 2018, Ari gave a huge shout-out in a letter she composed forSignboard Pride“I am forever indebted to and motivated by the LGBTQ community,” she composed. “I want to create anthems for you that wrap you up with comfort and make you get your best life for as long as I live. Thank you for commemorating me the method I celebrate you.”

Nowadays, Grande continues to be a supporter for LGBTQ rights. Earlier this year, she was confirmed to headline Manchester Pride, which is something she faced some reaction for due to a mix of her own individual sexual identity, along with ticket rates. “I’m not claiming to be the hero of the neighborhood or the face of the LGBTQ rights movement– I just wan na place on a program that makes my LGBTQ fans feel special and popular and supported,” she composed.

This year’s Manchester Pride Festival will happen from August 23–26


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