John Travolta’s daughter Ella Bleu is entering the household industry: He’s ‘the finest mentor’

Ella Bleu Travolta repeatedly had an inkling she’d apply within the footsteps of her infamous fogeys.

“Since I became very little, I’ve favored performing, singing, dancing and inserting on reveals at home for my household and pals,” the 19-365 days-damaged-down burgeoning actress tells PEOPLE on this week’s subject.

Attendance at her homespun plays became “predominant,” jokes Ella, whose fogeys, John Travolta and Kelly Preston, dutifully watched their budding thespian from the entrance row. “In our home in Maine we have this stage space location up with a little bit red curtain and my pals and I’d originate there…We did (all the pieces), from the Hulk to Christmas reveals and one 365 days all of us played heaps of ‘Housewives of Maine’.”

Now, after a cramped role in 2009’s Susceptible Dogs, Ella is all grown up and poised to fracture out in The Poison Rose, a noir thriller opening on Can even just 24 that stars her father and Morgan Freeman.

To wait on prep for her dramatic role as a younger widow, Ella became to Travolta for acting advice on location.

“It helped so unparalleled having my dad there,” she says. “It became so comforting and he’s the finest mentor ever.”

Preston, too, has been a coast-to for acting wisdom as well to life classes over time. “When I no doubt have any questions, my mother and pa have the finest advice, and that’s supreme… I fancy that it’s kind of the household industry!”

As for her fave movies from her fogeys’ respective acting resumes? “Oh my gosh, all of them are entirely supreme, in relate that’s no doubt tough (to amass), however a pair of of my high favorites of my dad’s are From Paris with Delight in, and clearly Grease,” says Ella, who counts Cat within the Hat and What a Lady Wantsas among her favorite movies starring Preston.

Ella is heartened incandescent she’d have her fogeys blessing it is now now not necessary what occupation direction she’d picked. “Whatever I’d have chosen to raze they would have supported me,” she says. “Nonetheless they’re no doubt gay with me for (acting)…and that makes me proud too!”

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