False Active Shooter Reports Cause Stampede, Injuries at Rolling Loud Miami: Report – Pitchfork

Last night at Rolling Loud in Miami, false reports of an active shooter on the festival premises caused a stampede among attendees running for the exits. Videos taken during the event show a large group of festival-goers in a state of alarm, rushing towards the exits. Some attendees made it known on Twitter that they had suffered minor injuries as a result of the panic.

Shortly after the incident, the festival issued the following statement via Twitter: “There was a false alarm of an incident on site that caused people to panic. The situation has been confirm by police as a false alarm. The show is proceeding as planned with slight delays. Thank you for your patience. Anyone who ran out of the venue who still has their wristband on can re enter through security at the festival gates.”

Now, ahead of the festival’s 2nd day, Rolling Loud co-founder Tariq Cherif has issued the following statement on the incident:

Shortly after 11 p.m. on Friday night, there was a disturbance that
led a large group of fans to believe there was an active shooter
within the festival grounds. The commotion resulted in these fans
running out of the venue, some of whom were injured and/or scared in
the process. Security and public authorities immediately sprung into
action, established it was a false alarm and there was not an active
shooter in the festival, and diffused the situation.

Safety is #1 at Rolling Loud. We have hundreds of police officers and
security guards hired to protect our fans. While we are upset this
situation occurred, we are proud of the swift reaction of law
enforcement to verify the area was secure.

Thank you for understanding. Let’s all come together today with
positive and have a great day.


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