Does Morgana finally become human in Persona 5: The Royal?

The Phantom Thieves are coming back for more inPersona 5: The Royal, an expanded version of the originalPersona5that’s set to release in 2020 for North American fans. Among new places to explore and revamped dungeons, a new Phantom Thief appears in Tokyo as well.

The original cast ofPersona 5is mostly high school students and what appears to be a talking cat named Morgana, who dive into people’s subconsciousness to trigger a “change of heart.” Whether it’s a teacher who’s been abusing students or a corrupt CEO, the Phantom Thieves are first led by Morgana, who seems to have pre-existing knowledge of how to take someone’s heart.

A closer look at the official P5R website shows a screenshot of the main protagonist with a male character who goes by “Ikemen,” and who uses the same “wagahai” pronoun that Morgana uses to refer to himself.

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The striking blue eye color is the same as Morgana’s, and the yellow necklace could be a reference to the yellow bandana that he wears. The “huhuhu” laugh at the end is also a trademark characteristic.

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Atlus via YouTube

At the start ofPersona 5, Morgana can’t remember where he came from, but is convinced that he was originally a human being. Other characters tease him about being a cat, which Morgana fiercely denies. In his official character reveal trailer, he says “Don’t call me a cat! I’m Morgana,” and later follows up with “My appearance might’ve changed, but I’m still an admirable human.”

The end of the game reveals that he’s not a cat after all, but also wasn’t a human either. While he and the others come to terms with this, we never got to see a what a human Morgana could’ve looked like. But maybe withPersona 5: The Royal, it’ll be different.


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