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4/15/2019 7:19 AM PDT


Hailey Bieber Taking Justin's Name ... For Beauty Products - TMZJustin Biebermight be taking a break from his career, butHailey‘s stepping up for the couple and taking care of business … the beauty business.

According to new legal docs obtained by TMZ … Hailey’s company filed trademark paperwork for “Bieber Beauty” with the intent of launching a beauty and cosmetic products line under the brand name.

Justin’s wife’s new venture would be a nice complement for those looking for more Bieber gear and accessories — as you know …he launchedhis own Drew House clothing line earlier this year.

Hailey alsofiled to register“Hailey Bieber” back in October for the purposes of launching her own clothing line.

As we reported … Justin recently announced he’s taking a step backfrom his music to focus on his health and his marriage, citing some “deep rooted issues” he needs to address.

Hailey’s clearly not letting that stop her from continuing to grind … someone’s gotta bring home the bacon.

Hailey Bieber Taking Justin's Name ... For Beauty Products - TMZ


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