Dauntless patch notes for March 13: season 3, Overgrowth

Dauntlessis a new monster-hunting game from developer Phoenix Labs. The studio releasedDauntlessinto early access last year, and we quite enjoyed its early offerings. At the 2018 Game Awards, Phoenix Labs announced thatDauntlesswill come to the Epic Games Store and to consoles soon.

In preparation for launch, Phoenix Labs is updatingDauntlessregularly. The latest patch adds a new Behemoth, reworks an old weapon, and ushers in a third Hunt Pass for players interested in cosmetics.

Design director Hunter Howe and associate producer Ian Tornay spoke to Polygon about the new additions, and how they’ll use them to augmentDauntless.

New Behemoth and minion tech

The Boreus isDauntless’ newest Behemoth to slay. Big and frozen, the Boreus adds something new: minions. Instead of fighting a single monster, the Boreus brings a pack of allies with it. Of course, the monster will have its own means of defending itself as well.

The minions around Boreus come in a few flavors. The Stalkers are melee creatures that protect Boreus at close range. Spitters defend Boreus from afar, and Bombers explode to protect their pack leader. The explosion of the Bomber can also deal damage to other minions.

Minions are new toDauntless, and present new possibilities for future content updates. Howe said that they’ll likely spread this tech to other aspects of the game. In the future, players may run into small monster packs as they hunt their Behemoth.

boreus hero pose - Dauntless patch notes for March 13: season 3, Overgrowth

Phoenix Labs

Upgraded hammer

One ofDauntless’ six weapons, the hammer, is being reworked in this patch. It’s a mix between a traditional hammer and a shotgun. According to Howe, the previous version of the hammer was difficult to use correctly, and lacked the strategy of other weapons.

Phoenix Labs removed the difficult-to-use quad blast in favor of a new slam ability. When players slam their hammer, they’ll empower their shotgun ammo. Slamming again with empowered ammo will deal even more damage to the Behemoth.

Hunt Pass season 3

Phoenix Labs first introduced the Hunt Pass last year, in its Game Awards update. Like other battle passes,Dauntless’ Hunt Pass is cosmetic focused. Players can purchase one each season for thematic rewards. Phoenix Labs calls the most recent update Overgrowth.

The cosmetics in season 3 are druidic. This look already exists inDauntlessfor an NPC faction called Farslayers. Tornay explained that the team drew on the Farslayer design thanks to community feedback, and interest in the existing character.

Hunt Pass season 3 is the first that offers players a full armor and weapon set transmog. This includes the first new look forDauntless’ pistol weapons: the Ostian repeaters.

The Overgrowth update, along with Boreus and the updated hammer, are already live inDauntless. The game is currently free-to-play, and only accessible from its own launcher. Phoenix Labs will moveDauntlessexclusively to the Epic Games Store on PC and consoles later this year.


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