Beauty Bar in downtown served with eviction notice citing disorder, endangering patrons – News3LV


Beauty Bar on E. Fremont Street was served with an eviction notice Friday, March 1. (Courtesy Las Vegas Locally)


Beauty Bar, the popular bar just east of the Fremont Street Experience at 517 Fremont Street, was served with an eviction notice Friday, March 1.

The reason for the eviction notice was cited as the following:

Multiple incidents involving Metro Police…tenant has failed to maintain all activities in a decent, orderly, respectful manner. Tenant has permitted lewd activity, disorder, disturbances and other activities which has endangered the health and safety of patrons and interfered with the quiet enjoyment of the neighboring tenants.

According to the notice, tenants of the property must vacate within three judicial days of the date the notice was served.

This means that Red Wolf Dead, LLC, the company behind Beauty Bar, has until Tuesday, March 5, to clear out.

Meanwhile, many residents have already taken to social media regarding the closure.

On Saturday, March 2, Punk Rock Bowling, a music festival and events company, tweeted in part, “We are well aware that the Beauty Bar has been temporarily closed and assure you all PRB shows will still continue either there or at an alternative venue in the downtown area.”


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