You would per chance well maybe likely also trudge Fleshy Cat as a mount in Closing Delusion 14 now

The latest beauty to be added to theClosing Delusion 14cosmetics shop is Fatter Cat, an adorable chonky mount version of the minion we already know and admire, Fleshy Cat.

Fatter Cat become datamined when patch 4.5 dropped, but gorgeous released this day, after grand anticipation. The mount is available to prefer for a whopping $24 on Mog Situation, the MMO’s cosmetics shop, though the mount goes to your entire characters all over your myth. Everyone will get a Fatter Cat!

Don’t let its adorable chub fool you, though. Fatter Cat’s origins are questionable at simplest. Here’s what the sport says about it on the mount show cloak:

Seeing as how this pursy pussy can defy the very felony pointers of physics by propelling itself high into the firmament, it is fully likely that the creature is both a voidsent the usage of a bloated cat’s corpse as its corporeal vessel, or a deceased pet reanimated by one well versed within the necromantic arts.

Thanks! I despise it. I despise the phrase “pursy pussy” and I don’t admire that my Fatter Cat is a reanimated corpse. The normal Fleshy Cat minion description states that it stays alive by “following retainers and feeding off the slaughter left in their wakes.” The NPC, Senri, who is a Fleshy Cat, additionally notes that she may well maybe “assassinate you 5 cases sooner than you hit the floor.” I guess all of those chonky cats are gorgeous brutal. No longer no longer up to they’re adorable.

Obviously, I directly logged in to nab myself a Fatter Cat and become greeted by a neighborhood in Rhalgar’s Attain all sitting accurately. I joined in.

Final Fantasy 14’s Fatter Cat mounts

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