Overwatch debuts origins animation for recent hero Baptiste

It’s been a pair of year sinceOverwatchpurchased its latest support character, Brigitte, and a pair of months since BlizzCon when we met Ashe, the sport’s most up-to-date hero. Blizzard Entertainment has now revealed the following character coming to the sport: Baptiste, a injury-oriented support with a heavy reliance on devices.

Jean-Baptiste Augustin is described as a “fight medic” who hails from Haiti. He became as soon as orphaned one day of the omnic crisis, and joined a protection power crew known as the Caribbean Coalition to achieve basically the most of his space.

While he came upon satisfaction and pleasure in serving to of us, the omnic crisis in the end ended and Baptiste struggled to adapt to lifestyles. One crew became as soon as drawn to his skills: Talon, the mercenary crew led by a council ofOverwatchbaddies, including Reaper and Doomfist. Before all the pieces, Baptiste became as soon as recount with Talon, nevertheless he rapidly realized he became as soon as in over his head and in rising possibility.

Baptiste has since left Talon. In a lore teaser posted Feb. 21, Talon agents write of their plans to search out Baptiste and both return him to Talon, or abolish him for shimmering too much. In conserving with this origins animation, we understand how that ended.

Baptiste is usually hitting the general public take a look at realm very rapidly, at which point his complete gameplay equipment will be revealed. Hero cosmetics and interactions tend to be added to the PTR later within the hero’s vogue, earlier than they originate on live servers.


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