And now for the climate on Mars, courtesy of peaceful NASA lander – The Connected Press

By MARCIA DUNNFebruary 19, 2019

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — And now for the climate on Mars: NASA’s latest lander is offering day-to-day studies on the red planet’s frigid iciness.

Starting Tuesday, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is posting the highs and lows online , along with wind velocity and atmospheric strain from the InSight lander.

On Sunday, InSight recorded a excessive of two levels Fahrenheit (minus 17 Celsius) and a low of minus 138 levels Fahrenheit (minus 95 Celsius). Compare that with Sunday’s coldest U.S. temperature: minus 27 levels (minus 3 Celsius) in Taylor Park, Colorado.

Scientists like to know the native Mars climate to resolve if InSight’s seismometer is registering real marsquakes or merely wind or strain adjustments.

InSight landed shut to the Mars equator in November. NASA’s Curiosity rover also presents climate updates, while roaming spherical Mars about 340 miles (550 kilometers) away.


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