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DEAR ABBY:When I used to be 18, I married any individual who, at the time, I loved very worthy. It came about include of spur of the moment. Now not even six months into the wedding, he cheated on me.

I’m now 20, divorced and at closing in actual fact feel ready to transfer on. But how fabricate I shuffle about relationship at my age being a divorcee? I don’t know be taught the technique to discuss it. I include chums who don’t even know I used to be married. How have to I address it?

DEAR DIVORCEE:Except which you may perchance well maybe perchance be planning to meet males on a relationship space that requires you to uncover that files as a part of your profile, I explore no reason why you wish to present it. If you happen to might perchance well maybe be requested, however, be staunch about your region. All you wish to claim is that you just married, very temporarily, at the age of 18, and it didn’t work out since you were each too young. It’s the truth, and there is no longer this kind of thing as a shame in it.

DEAR ABBY:I’m a 39-year-extinct feminine, and I are searching for to know more about my ancestors so I’m in a position to convey stories about them to my kids. The element is, my boyfriend doesn’t love the foundation, and anytime I order or fabricate something, he criticizes me

about it. He’s also very controlling and manipulative. He feels it’s his blueprint or the twin carriageway. That’s why I desire out — for the sake of my lifestyles and the youngsters. I manufacture no longer include any money and nowhere to head. What have to I fabricate?


DEAR CRYING:I agree the relate you represent isn’t healthy for you or the youngsters. If you happen to haven’t got any household to back, you’ve got to work toward independence in itsy-bitsy steps. Contact the Nationwide Domestic Violence Hotline (thehotline.org or 800-799-7233) for solutions on be taught the technique to disengage out of your abuser (oops! I intended “boyfriend”) with none of you being harmed. Then accumulate a job so you acquired’t be penniless, and originate saving your money.

DEAR ABBY:I in actual fact feel petty complaining about this, but my accomplice has a habit I’m in a position to’t stand. We lend a hand a stick of butter on a butter dish and change it when it’s ragged up. Nonetheless, when my accomplice uses it, as a change of cutting off thin slices, she scrapes her knife across your entire high of the butter cube, step by step whittling it down. Now not most efficient fabricate I accumulate it homely, but I also mediate it’s unsanitary.

Useless to verbalize, after I’ve talked about it to her, she has strongly disagreed. I’m reluctant to bring it up anymore because it’s settled, in her thoughts. I include tried the use of a special stick of butter, which I lend a hand in the fridge and unwrap each time I are searching for to utilize it, but she criticizes me for it, announcing we shouldn’t include two sticks in use at the same time.

I bid there’s an upside — I’m the use of less butter, which my doctor approves of. What fabricate you have faith you studied about this habit of hers?


DEAR BUTTER WARS:It appears there might be a energy wrestle happening between your accomplice and you. On account of which you may perchance well maybe perchance include expressed to her more than as soon as that you just accumulate what she’s doing unappetizing, she have to admire your needs.

Nonetheless, if she continues, she have to stare the opposite blueprint even as you exercise your include butter stick.


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