No longer even the tub is exact in unique trailer for The Curse of La Llorona

Beware the Weeping Girl —

Aquamandirector James Wan returns to his apprehension roots as producer of most up-to-date film.

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A ghostly presence targets two young kids in unique trailer for Unusual Line Cinema’sThe Curse of La Llorona.

Contemporary off the blockbuster success ofAquaman, director James Wan has produced a upcoming film that returns to his apprehension roots. And judging by basically the most up-to-date trailer,The Curse of La Lloronawill provide chills aplenty in the identical spirit as his Conjuring and Insidious franchises.

The titular ghostLa Llorona(which translates as “The Weeping Girl”) is in accordance with Latin American folklore; there are a lot of variants, nonetheless the film appears to be in accordance with the Mexican version. A ideal attempting young girl named Maria marries accurate into a smartly off family, and since of her unique in-prison guidelines disapprove of the match, the newlyweds affect a house in her rural village. She bears her man two sons, nonetheless he ultimately abandons her for a youthful girl. A distraught Maria drowns the boys in a blind rage and then drowns herself.

For this crime, she is barred from the afterlife. She is condemned to employ eternity purchasing for her misplaced sons, trapped between the worlds of the living and the silly. Her fixed weeping is why she is is realizing asLa Llorona, and story has it that, must you her wailing, you dangle depraved fortune and possibly die.La Lloronaalso kidnaps kids wandering by myself at evening, mistaking them for her silly sons, and she is declared to drown those kids, too, all while begging for forgiveness.

  • A young mother tragically loses her two kids.

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  • “Or no longer it’s your fault!”

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  • Social worker Anna (Linda Cardellini) tries to give comfort

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  • Anna’s kids are being afraid by a mysterious presence.

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  • Kids, beware: Within the event you hear her crying or feel the sting of her tears, she’s coming for you.

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  • Tony Amendola performs a priest who places Anna in contact with a religion healer.

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  • A bit of smudge burning to ward off the unfavorable of La Llorona.

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  • Casting a maintaining spell.

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  • Nearly time to rinse!

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  • Whose ghostly hands are these?La Llorona‘s.

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  • You may possibly possibly possibly perhaps additionally merely never feel exact in the tub again

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Directed by Michael Chaves, the film appears to be like to be like luxuriate in it may possibly perhaps really possibly perhaps well be a reasonably easy interpretation of the story. Social worker Anna Garcia (Linda Cardellini ofGreen Book) is a widow raising two kids in 1970s Los Angeles. One in all her cases entails any other mother, Patricia (Patricia Velasquez), whose two young kids are tragically killed. Patricia appears guilty Anna for their deaths (“Or no longer it’s all of your fault!”) and warns that the legendaryLa Llorona(Marisol Ramirez) will soon draw for Anna’s kids too.

As Anna delves deeper into Patricia’s case, she notices similarities with uncommon occurrences in her have dwelling, and she realizes the different girl became correct: her kids are being hunted by a ghost. She enlists the attend of a priest and a few native religion healers to force the ghost away. The glimpses we fetch ofLa Lloronaare in holding with the myths: she wears a prolonged white robe with a veil. We don’t hear her wailing, nonetheless we attain look her skulking at the attend of curtains and snatching at the exiguous boy’s feet, and her gnarled silly hands grab Anna and throwing her in opposition to the wall.

In basically the most chilling scene, those self same hands wash Anna’s daughter’s hair in the tub before pushing her down into the water. All in all,The Curse of La Lloronapromises some efficient leap scares and a compelling mythology, so it must fulfill fans of Wan’s earlier apprehension movies.

The Curse of La Lloronahits theaters April 19.

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