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Magic Johnson correct can’t halt tampering. As if it’s within the fiber of his DNA, the Lakers’ myth and crew president has been connected to talking to more vital particular person avid gamers on other teams than another executive within the NBA.

On Monday, the league launched it could investigate any skill tampering with 76ers rising vital particular person Ben Simmons, as a result of Johnson revealing that Simmons reached out to seek recordsdata from him for advice on his game this upcoming summer season. The Lakers issued a press release clarifying the bother, pronouncing the Sixers sent them an email, asking if Simmons could consult with Johnson about his occupation. Lakers GM Make a selection Pelinka responded with an email to Sixers GM Elton Tag, pronouncing Johnson could handiest consult with Simmons with written pre-approval from Philadelphia.

This is the fourth occasion Magic’s Lakers were within the spotlight for the the same reason, alongside with limitless other within the serve of-the-scenes moments which have rival teams grumbling.

Johnson is barely new in this role — he hasn’t even been Lakers president for a corpulent calendar year. Nonetheless the Lakers had an organizational meeting in June to warn about tampering, a gathering Magic Johnsonled.

Here are the avid gamers he’s been connected to through the years.

Ben Simmons

About a month ago, Simmons reached out to the Lakers. He desired to enhance, and as a 6’9” point guard, there’s no person higher to learn from than Magic Johnson.

Magic mentioned yes, nonetheless Simmons had to gain authorization from the 76ers and the NBA. That’s in step with Johnson himself, who spilled the beans before an ABC game in opposition to Philadelphia on Sunday.

‍♂️ Ben Simmons reached out to Magic Johnson to witness if he could abet him learn to play point guard higher as a expansive man

Magic is the Lakers President; so @MagicJohnson says he informed Simmons he would want Lakers, Sixers & NBA to log out on [email protected]

— Jeff Skversky 6abc (@JeffSkversky) February 10, 2019

“He reached out to me — no longer to me without prolong, to the Lakers to search out out of lets gain together this summer season,” Johnson mentioned. “I mentioned, ‘Hiya, you’ve bought to sure it with the league.’ And if the Sixers log out, we log out, the league signs off that there’s no longer nothing occurring, he correct must learn to play the placement as a expansive guard, da-da-da-da-da-da, it’s heavenly. I will manufacture that.”

A day later, Philly’s GM Elton Tag referred to as in to a local Philadelphia radio arrangement and shut that every particular person the contrivance down.

“Make a selection Pelinka referred to as me and mentioned that Ben (Simmons) desired to consult with with Hall of Famers after the season, Magic used to be on the list. He requested for authorization… I mentioned no. This used to be over a month ago.” – Elton Tag taking pictures down the Ben/Magic meeting

— 975TheFanatic (@975TheFanatic) February 11, 2019

Simmons spoke to media on Monday and mentioned he correct desired to learn from a Hall fo Status participant who’s been in his footwear before.

For some context: right here’s Ben Simmons’ corpulent resolution when requested about making an are attempting to work with Magic Johnson within the summer season. The league administrative heart is looking into whether any contact between Simmons and the Lakers violated NBA tips.

— Olgun Uluc (@OlgunUluc) February 11, 2019

There used to be already a backdrop of connection between Simmons and the Lakers. Simmons:

  • Idolizes LeBron James
  • Is represented by Rich Paul, who also represents LeBron James and Anthony Davis
  • Doesn’t step by step mesh smartly with Joel Embiid on the court.
  • Becomes a free agent in 2020.

Nonetheless no one would be making an are attempting to glue those dots if Johnson didn’t out himself on Sunday. It’s no longer farfetched for the NBA to be looking into this. It if truth be told makes a ton of sense.

Paul George

This one used to be wild. In his early days with the Lakers Magic went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and literally recruited Paul George to the Lakers.

It’s contrivance more wild watching it months after the truth. Johnson conducted out a hypothetical bother in which he bumps into George on jog:

“No we’re gonna relate hi on story of we know every other. I correct can’t relate, ‘Hiya, I favor you to come serve to the Lakers.’ Even when I’m gonna be wink-winking esteem,” he says, before winking twice, then laughing. “You understand what that contrivance, correct?!”

Then he dapped Jimmy Kimmel up, winked into the digicam some more, then gestures to come serve right here.

Johnson if truth be told wasn’t fined for tampering thanks to this — he used to be merely warned by the league. As a replace, the Lakers had been fined $500,000 after the league definite GM Make a selection Pelinka made impermissible contact with George’s agent “that constituted a prohibited expression of pastime within the participant while he used to be under contract.”

George, pointless to relate, re-signed with the Mutter in desire to going to L.A. final summer season.

Anthony Davis

Johnson technically didn’t tamper with Davis, nonetheless the Pelicans obvious thought the Lakers did. That used to be on story of it used to be LeBron James who did the dirty work — no longer lower than publicly. James and Davis went to dinnerafterthe Lakers defeated the Pelicans on Dec. 21. He used to be no longer fined for tampering.

The Pelicans, though, had been upset at the Lakers for making an are attempting to poach their vital particular person in huge sunlight hours. Experiences surfaced that exiguous-market teams felt helpless to expansive market vitality. Fresh Orleans at final opted in opposition to playing ball with Los Angeles, and pushed Davis trade talks to summertime.

Davis doesn’t turn out to be an unrestricted free agent unless the summer season of 2020. James may possibly be turning 36 that season. Davis to Los Angeles needs would be ineffective within the water if the Lakers don’t land him through trade this summer season.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

This one used to be a dinky unfair. It’s going to be on the total OK to depart alongside with one other basketball participant. It also feels esteem the dual carriageway of questioning used to be arrange for Johnson to depart alongside with Antetokounmpo’s game. Nonetheless Johnson’s have history labored in opposition to him.

“As Johnson watches from afar,” ESPN’s Prick Friedell writes, “he can’t abet nonetheless peep and revel within the parallels between his game and that of the Bucks expansive man.”

Johnson’s ensuing quote used to be deemed tampering:

“Oh yeah,” Johnson informed ESPN fair no longer too long ago. “Along with his ball-dealing with skills and his passing skill. He plays above the rim I never could manufacture that. Nonetheless in his idea of the sport, his basketball IQ, his creativity of shots for his teammates. That’s the build we [have the] identical part. Can express it down, make a depart, make a play. I’m correct chuffed he’s initiating within the All-Star game on story of he deserves that. And he’s going to be esteem an MVP, a champion, this dude he’s going to build Milwaukee on the plot. And I mediate he’s going to express them a championship in the end.”

The Lakers had been fined $50,000 for these feedback. For comparability, Antetokounmpo flat-out informed Anthony Davis to “Attain to the Bucks” in a yarn that used to be revealed on the NBA’s precise internet online page online, nonetheless used to be no longer fined for tampering on story of avid gamers are held to a alternative usual.


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