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told ESPN. “My conception changed into once, ‘What line absorb I crossed?’”” knowledge-reactid=”27″ form=”text”>“I judge the phrases had been, ‘You’ve crossed the line,’” Costas told ESPN. “My conception changed into once, ‘What line absorb I crossed?’”

Costas’ ‘controversial’ comments on concussions

Three months sooner than the Clean Bowl, Costas spoke at a journalism symposium at Maryland. That’s when his comments on concussions and brain accidents within the NFL took off.

“The worry that is most colossal — the existential worry — is the character of soccer itself,” Costas acknowledged, by job of the Washington Post. “The actuality is that this sport destroys other folks’s brains.”

Now, that’s no longer an prominent examine and shouldn’t come as a shock to somebody who has been following the league in most recent years. Mind trouble — namely power disturbing encephalopathy, or CTE — has been a rising worry amongst each most recent and retired NFL avid gamers.

Genuinely, a 2017 Unique York Cases story chanced on that of 111 brains of NFL avid gamers examined by a neuropathologist, 110 had been chanced on to absorb CTE. That illness is most in most cases attributable to repeated blows to the head.

“That you just can no longer exchange the fashioned nature of the game,” Costas acknowledged at Maryland, by job of the Washington Post. “I actually wouldn’t let, if I had an athletically proficient 12- or 13-year-aged son, I would no longer let him play soccer.”

Costas known as out other folks which would be looking out to ignore the facts around the worry, too, clearly making his stance on the worry identified — if that wasn’t glaring sooner than.

“There is that this loopy conception that you just hear on talk radio and a few pretty-fly websites that right here is simply one other left-fly conspiracy to undermine one thing that is quintessentially American,” Costas acknowledged, by job of the Washington Post. “There’s a be aware for things love that, there’s many phrases. One of them is bulls‑‑‑, because that’s what that is.”

Kickback from his comments

Costas’ comments at Maryland fast went viral, which introduced on NBC to starting up an announcement distancing itself from him.

“Bob’s opinions are his bear, and so that they develop no longer list those of the NBC Sports Community,” an NBC spokesman acknowledged, by job of ESPN.

That Saturday, Costas went on CNN in recount to be obvious it changed into once identified he’s no longer being severe of NBC. He didn’t, on the different hand, soften his stance on soccer and brain trouble.

I’ve been announcing these items for the upper piece of a decade, and in overall on NBC, in front of the ideal target audience no longer goal in all of sports activities, but in all of tv — ‘Sunday Evening Soccer,’” Costas acknowledged on CNN, by job of ESPN. “And I judge NBC Sports deserves credit for this.”

Correct an hour later, Costas got the text telling him he had “crossed the line.”

Now not soon after, he had been pulled from the Clean Bowl broadcast.

“I engage the phrase, ‘It’s a six-hour, daylong celebration of soccer, and moreover you’re no longer the pretty particular person to absorb a goal time soccer,’” Costas told ESPN. “To which my response changed into once no longer, ‘Oh please, please, exchange your mind.’ My response changed into once, ‘Yeah, I utter you’re pretty.’”

Costas floated conception to interview Roger Goodell

Fairly than feeling punished or being upset, Costas told ESPN he felt reduction from being off the broadcast. However, after the news surfaced that he wouldn’t be calling the Clean Bowl, Costas knew there would be questions.

So he had a theory. He desired to interview NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

“I changed into once taking a witness out no longer goal for myself, because I’d love to develop the interview, but I changed into once also taking a witness out for NBC because that can absorb taken them off the public relatives hook and eradicated the total confusion about them supposedly kicking me to the curb or throwing me below the bus,” Costas told ESPN.

So NBC asked the NFL. Immediate, Goodell shot him down.

Costas acknowledged he didn’t know the draw laborious NBC pushed the NFL with the interview inquire of. He had, on the different hand, asked to interview Goodell sooner than Clean Bowl 49 in 2015, too, and changed into once shot down then.

“It tells you who calls the footage,” Costas told ESPN. “The ideal industrial association I will have the ability to judge of where the client need to repeatedly flatter the vendor is the sports activities TV industrial. ‘We’re pulling a Brinks armored truck up to Park Avenue, Mr. Goodell. It comprises the billions of bucks that we’re going to pay you for the pretty and privilege to televise your games. However if we’ve delivered them in a denomination that does no longer please you, we’re terribly sorry, we’ll help the truck up, and we’ll elevate it to you in 20s and 50s if that’s the potential you’d bear it.’”

The NFL told ESPN that Goodell has most efficient performed one take a seat-down interview within the past five years with the network airing the Clean Bowl, which changed into once for the 50th Clean Bowl in 2016. The league also confirmed that it did no longer quiz NBC to have interaction Costas from the broadcast.

Costas officially stepped down from his feature with NBC Sports in January, but acknowledged he will continue to develop work with the MLB Community and could be pursuing his bear prolonged-save interview express.

Yet despite the tumultuous ending to their prolonged partnership, Costas acknowledged he has no worry with the network whatsoever.

“It’s very pretty and extremely amicable,” Costas told ESPN of the split with NBC. “It changed into once a in actuality, very fruitful jog of close to four decades, and I haven’t got anything else but respect and appreciation for all of it.”

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