Users whinge of narrative hacks, however OkCupid denies a data breach

It’s contaminated ample that dating web sites are a pit of exaggerations and inevitable disappointment, they’re additionally a sizzling target for hackers.

Dating web sites aren’t belief to be the goldmine of non-public information like banks or hospitals, however they’re peaceable an intimate portion of millions of folks’s lives and have prolonged been in the sights of hackers. If the hackers aren’t hitting the help-terminate database like with the AdultFriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Zoosk breaches, the hackers are making an strive smash in thru the front door with leaked or guessed passwords.

That’s what appears to be like to be to be going down with some OkCupidaccounts.

A reader contacted TechCrunch after his narrative was as soon as hacked. The reader, who did not are searching to be named, said the hacker broke in and modified his password, locking him out of his narrative. Worse, they modified his email deal with on file, combating him from resetting his password.

OkCupid didn’t send an email to verify the deal with commerce — it sexy blindly popular the commerce.

“Sadly, we’re not ready to design any necessary aspects about accounts not linked to your email deal with,” said OkCupid’s buyer service primarily based on his criticism, which he forwarded to TechCrunch. Then, the hacker began harassing him unprecedented textual vow messages from his cell phone amount that was as soon as lifted from one in all his non-public messages.

It wasn’t an remoted case. We discovered several cases of folks pronouncing their OkCupid narrative had been hacked.

One other person we spoke to at remaining got his narrative help. “It was as soon as moderately the battle,” he said. “It was as soon as two days of fixed damage preserve watch over till [OkCupid] at remaining reset the password for me.”

Other users we spoke to had higher success than others in getting their accounts help. One person didn’t bother, he said. Even disabled accounts might well per chance additionally additionally be re-enabled if a hacker logs in, some users discovered.

Nevertheless several users couldn’t exhibit how their passwords — bizarre to OkCupid and not veteran on every other app or region — had been inexplicably obtained.

“There was as soon as no security breach at OkCupid,” said Natalie Sawyer, a spokesperson for OkCupid. “All web sites constantly expertise narrative takeover attempts. There was as soon as no elevate in narrative takeovers on OkCupid.”

Even on OkCupid’s get enhance pages, the corporate says that narrative takeovers commonly happen because any individual has an narrative owner’s login information. “May have to you utilize the same password on several tons of net sites or companies, then your accounts on all of them be capable to be taken over if one region has a security breach,” says the enhance page.

That’s describes credential stuffing, a technique of working an endless lists of usernames and passwords against an online region to gaze if a aggregate lets the hacker in. The very top, finest contrivance against credential stuffing is for the person to utilize a bizarre password on every region. For companies like OkCupid, the opposite effective blocker is by allowing users to change on two-ingredient authentication.

When asked how OkCupid plans to prevent narrative hacks ultimately, the spokesperson said the corporate had “no additional comment.”

If reality be told, after we checked, OkCupid was as soon as sexy one in all many main dating web sites — like Match, PlentyOfFish, Zoosk, Badoo, JDate, and eHarmony — that didn’t use two-ingredient authentication at all.

As if dating wasn’t sophisticated ample at the correct of cases, now you are going to want to defend your self from hackers, too.


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