FF14 Paris Fan Festival 2018 bulletins: Fresh tank job, Viera level to, and extra

The Final Fantasy 14 Fan Festival is in elephantine swing in Paris, and producer Naoki Yoshida held a keynote giving gamers hundreds slight print concerning the upcoming expansion,Shadowbringers.

Loads used to be announced at some level of Yoshida’s keynote, including talks of a original job, a peep at the upcoming Viera toddle, and extra. Here’s a round-up of the supreme parts.

A brand original extended trailer dropped

At the North American Fan Festival in Las Vegas encourage in November, we bought to peep the first trailer for Shadowbringers, nevertheless this extended version reveals off about a of our current characters and what they’ve been as much as, as well to original outfits for the crew.

Gunbreaker is the original tank job

Gunbreaker is the title of 1 in all the original jobs coming toShadowbringersand it’s a gunblade-welding tank class. The job should always restful commence at stage 60 in Gridania, nevertheless Yoshida notes that this would perchance perhaps switch earlier than commence.

The original alliance raid will be a collaboration withNieR: Automata

Alliance raids aren’t anxious about shouting out to assorted Final Fantasy games, nevertheless the next one coming inShadowbringerswill bringNieR: Automatato the game. Now now not too many slight print concerning the raid swear had been printed, nevertheless here’s hoping it drops us chilly 2B-love armor.

The expansion releases July 2, 2019

Avid gamers will be ready to pre-present the game on Feb. 6. Avid gamers who pre-present will be allowed to retract part in early access on June 28. Pre-ordered copies additionally come with a certain Toddler Gremlin minion and an earring that offers you 30 percent bonus experiences as much as stage 70.

The Viera toddle used to be printed

All of us knew Viera used to be going to be the toddle hinted at at some level of the 2019 Las Vegas Fan Fest. Fran, of Final Fantasy 12, used to be added a NPC in game. Alternatively, here’s the first peep at what the customizable rabbit folk will peep love, in their signature outfits. No male Viera were shown, on the other hand.

Final Fantasy 14is available to play on Residence windows, Mac, and PlayStation 4.


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