Novel Overwatch blueprint, Paris, goes stay on PTR

Blizzard Entertainment is rolling out a serene blueprint forOverwatchas of late on the game’s public test servers. The blueprint, identified merely as Paris, is readily available appropriate now on for PC gamers onOverwatch’s PTR.

Paris is an Assault-model blueprint, which manner groups are tasked with either taking pictures or defending a pair of aspects. Paris would possibly per chance be playable in fleet play and aggressive mode suits.

In an legitimate announcement, Blizzard highlighted the blueprint’s “slim streets and corridors,” and locations love the Seine river, Cabaret Luna, the Pâtisserie Galand, and Maison Marat, described as “a colossal palace webhosting a gala in the coronary heart of the metropolis.”

Paris is the predominant serene blueprint to hitOverwatchsince Busan, which used to be launched in September 2018. It’s also the predominant serene Assault blueprint since Horizon Lunar Colony, which Blizzard launched in June 2017.

Blizzard didn’t specify when Paris would possibly per chance be launched for the stay model ofOverwatchon PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The corporate most incessantly tests maps for about a weeks on the PTR earlier than rolling them out widely — which manner Blizzard’s romantic serene blueprint would possibly per chance presumably well near appropriate around Valentine’s Day.


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