Warriors roundtable: Will the DeMarcus Cousins experiment work? – The Athletic

Four questions for 5 writers, prognosticating the Warriors’ gigantic DeMarcus Cousins experiment, which is ready to debut on Friday evening in Los Angeles against the Clippers.

1. DeMarcus Cousins debuts tomorrow. What part of this are you most attracted to monitoring?

Tim Kawakami: Past the evident stuff — Can he creep up and down the floor more than three times with out getting winded? Does he are difficult to play protection? Will he be a willing passer and cutter alongside utterly different Olympians? — I’m possibly most straight attracted to Cousins’ offensive repertoire appropriate off the bat.

That’s what they’re going to need him to non-public most — resolve out easy systems to ranking in diverse ways, fancy he oldschool to, and let’s interrogate if he has that within the principle few weeks, which is ready to be the clearest ticket indicating whether or no longer he’ll non-public that in April, Would possibly and June.

All of us resolve he’ll heave up deal of 3-pointers and hit a bunch, nevertheless will…


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