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SPOILER ALERT:Create now no longer be taught whereas you happen to beget now no longer but watched “If Now not For Hope,” the eleventh episode of “Outlander” Season 4.

The thrust of the action of “If Now not For Hope,” the eleventh episode of “Outlander’s” fourth season centered on Brianna (Sophie Skelton) cooling her heels at River Escape after the relaxation of her family took off in search of Roger (Richard Rankin). Brianna was as soon as shriek to be taught and sketch for the following months except her of us return, but Aunt Jocasta (Maria Doyle Kennedy) had other suggestions — namely, she wanted to examine Brianna wed sooner than the miniature one arrived.

It was as soon as obvious Jocasta admired how fundamental Bree is esteem the late Ellen Mackenzie, Jocasta’s older sister and mother to Jamie (Sam Heughan), who would now no longer be forced into a marriage of consolation or political technique. Nonetheless Jocasta additionally couldn’t sit by and fetch 22 situation Bree’s child be branded a “fatherless bastard,” which in these instances was as soon as ruinous. So it was as soon as time to throw a banquet and gain her niece a husband!

Noteworthy esteem how her mother has acted at a form of dinner parties trusty thru the demonstrate’s flee, Brianna was as soon as now no longer some wilting flower, despite the reality that she additionally knew greater than to embarrass her aunt by performing unladylike. Bree notably caught the see of Lord Forbes (Billy Boyd), who in actual fact gave the influence in point of fact focused on Bree. Nonetheless Bree was as soon as in a position to make a selection out the next acknowledge than getting into a counterfeit engagement with Forbes.

Lord John Grey (David Berry) upright so came about to illustrate up for the banquet because Jamie wrote to him and requested him to examine in on Brianna whereas they were gone. He stumbled on Bree highly a chortle and appealing and was as soon as additionally sympathetic to her attach. Nonetheless when she proposed marriage to him, he acknowledged fully now no longer… so she blackmailed him into it. Or no much less than, she tried to. Bree had considered Lord John having family people with every other man within the middle of the night after the banquet and threatened to out him as a homosexual, despite the reality that she acknowledged quickly thereafter that she never would beget in actual fact educated anyone.

Lord John outlined to her without spelling it out that he would possibly perchance now no longer marry the daughter of the person he was as soon as in delight in with and he or she current that, but when it looked esteem she was as soon as going to have to make a selection up Forbes’ proposal, Lord John stepped in and stopped her, announcing the two of them had upright grow to be engaged. Jocasta was as soon as an extraordinarily good deal surprised but delighted because Lord John was as soon as for sure an even bigger, greater accumulate than Forbes.

Despite the reality that it was as soon as upright for one episode, Lord John and Brianna were very sweet together; it was as soon as touching how he educated her that Roger will delight in her miniature one despite the reality that it’s now no longer biologically his, the identical design that John loves his son. He did no longer point out that his son is Bree’s half of-brother — that is presumably Jamie’s secret to expose.

Meanwhile, issues were moderately anxious between Claire and Jamie as they attach out for Shadow Lake, the settlement where some native Cherokee educated Ian (John Bell) that they understanding the Mohawk would beget taken Roger. Usually, he couldn’t imagine she would protect secrets from him and he or she disapproved of the design he reacted to the total loads of bombshells.

Later, Claire reassured him that she was as soon as never in actual fact excited at him — which, in actual fact? Now not even a miniature? — but she did show him that Brianna comes first now and that would form issues exhausting for them. This can no much less than be an adjustment because it had ceaselessly been upright the two of them. Jamie confessed to feeling jealous of Frank because Brianna understanding Frank was as soon as the upper man. He wasn’t atrocious; Brianna was as soon as actual in that Frank would never beget acknowledged these items to her. Nonetheless Claire reassured Jamie that Frank was as soon as now no longer the upper man and this can upright bewitch time for all of them to modify.

In a little aspect situation that, spoiler alert, has a huge payoff next week, Fergus (Cesar Domboy) was as soon as feeling stunning down on himself for now no longer being in a position to finding work in Wilmington. No one would rent him because he was as soon as missing a hand. So Marsali (Lauren Lyle) took it upon herself to search recordsdata from Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix) to search recordsdata from Fergus to fight with the Regulators, which would give him some fundamental-wanted confidence. Fortunately, Fergus understood that he would possibly perchance now no longer abandon his wife and child to support them and he grew to grow to be Murtagh down, which in actual fact touched Marsali.

Nonetheless what Fergus had no enviornment agreeing to was as soon as serving to to search out Stephen Bonnet (Ed Speleers) so as that Jamie would possibly perchance kill his daughter’s rapist. Fergus and Murtagh did accumulate the fiendish villain and were making in a position to haul his unconscious body away when some British troopers seen them. Murtagh punched Fergus, pretending that Fergus was as soon as attempting to hand over him and taking the blame fully onto himself. The troopers were jubilant to examine that the unconscious man was as soon as none rather then a fugitive from the legislation, but they additionally identified Murtagh from his “broadsheet” (aka his wanted poster) and took him into custody as smartly. So now each Murtagh and Bonnet were hauled off to jail, leaving Fergus questioning what precisely he was as soon as going to create now.

And within the episode’s waning moments, there was as soon as a scene that would smartly be perplexing for viewers. Roger was as soon as magically support with the Mohawk, even supposing at the pause of final week’s episode, he was as soon as final considered reaching out for a standing stone after having escaped. Presumably, the Mohawk recaptured him and that scene was as soon as lower for time, but it would possibly perchance beget been nice to beget a miniature rationalization right here. Either design, Roger was as soon as in unsuitable shape. The Mohawk tied him up again and compelled him thru some model of jumping-in gauntlet that left him bloody and beaten. Again. Heart-broken Roger.

“Outlander” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Starz.

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