UX rant: The nightmare horrorshow that is the Apple TV distant

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Op-ed: Yes, it appears to be like to be mountainous. It additionally wants to work!

Steve Brykman

The Apple TV 4K and distant.

The Apple TV 4K and distant.

Samuel Axon

Disclaimer: Here is a rant. It is one man’s

cri de cœur

. It is no longer a overview. In say so that you just can be taught the Ars Technica overview of the Apple TV, it is

dazzling right here


I’ve been an Apple guy for the rationale that foundation. My first laptop laptop used to be a Powerbook 100 with a constructed-in plastic trackball. However not just like the mountainous majority of Apple merchandise, which would possibly even be marvels of engineering and plot, the distant on the fourth and fifth generation Apple TVs peaceful leaves me in shock at what a nightmare terror-repeat the ingredient is.

I needed to fancy the Apple TV distant. It used to be graceful and futuristic. Plus, it had an accelerometer and its have runt trackpad. Besides which, I didn’t mediate I’d surely resolve on the distant, anyway, since I will also merely expose the TV what I needed to perceive. What wasn’t to fancy? Looks, rather extraordinary every thing.

Thankfully, though, this interplay travesty gives some factual insight into what makes or breaks the person trip.

The “all issues to all other folks” subject

The AppleTV distant doubles as a sport controller. I didn’t mediate I’d sport extraordinary with the Apple TV (though my child does betweenMinecraftsessions), but this functionality seemed chilly and futuristic, no longer lower than. This leads me to level no. 1: tech hardware merchandise shouldn’t are trying to be all issues to all other folks (though needless to thunder, the iPhone manages to originate rather extraordinary every thing). TV remotes shouldn’t in most cases be sport controllers—and vice versa. 

Especially given the quality of the games on supply. As Killian Bell at Cult of Mac writes, “At the same time as you’re gaming on a immense TV, I feel corresponding to you’re lacking out if to rep to originate it on what’s genuinely outdated skool mobile hardware. You’re in most cases getting a broad iPad sport that you just’ll want to play with a miniature distant.”

The “factual appears to be like to be over utility” subject

No one would quibble with the state that the Apple TV distant appears to be like to be fully chilly. However it completely appears to be like fancy genuine-world utilization of the ingredient used to be merely an afterthought. 

For whatever function, Apple has a historical previous of making remotes which would possibly even be too runt and too thin. Every part Apple makes is flat and miniature, and the Apple TV distant isn’t any exception. However the lesson right here is: upright on legend of youcanoriginate something miniature doesn’t primarily suggest youmust peaceful. 

Beefy disclosure—I’m a brief man with Trump-sized fingers. And let me expose you, dimension does topic in terms of TV remotes. A TV distant utterly does one ingredient: be held, stationary, in a single hand. Ahumanhand, no longer a raccoon hand. At the same time as you preserve a distant management to your hand, you’ll want to know you’re preserving a distant management to your hand. So, it would possibly perchance peaceful be formed fancy something that would possibly slot in a hand! 

Now, come on. You Apple guys know what shape that’s. You originate laptop mice, for crying out loud. management must peaceful fill depth and roundness. Or how about this: upright originate it the identical shape because the iPhone. No one’s complaining about the shape of the iPhones.

However it completely’s no longer upright that the Apple TV distant is too runt and too thin. It’s additionally too slippery! Here’s a tip: you screwed up when other folks inaugurate manufacturing merchandise to get aside your handheld product into so that folk can surely preserve the product. And after they voice these merchandise as “anti-budge,” wager what that says about your product: it slips! 

The evolution of the Apple TV distant.

The evolution of the Apple TV distant.

The “too extraordinary symmetry” subject

The distant is additionally too symmetrical. 

By manner of hardware plot, symmetry is no longer forever your pal. On this case, the quality of Apple’s distant plot surely appears to be like to fill regressed from “non-symmetrical and good enough” to… “symmetrical and unusable.” The buttons are located exactly throughout the distant, and one discontinue of the distant is nearly indistinguishable from the different. Here is so reliable that even the miniature Lightning jack on one discontinue appears to be like to be similar to the IR output jack on the different discontinue. Whose belief used to be that?!

I spent five minutes one evening upright making an are trying to poke a Lightning cable into the IR output jack. Granted, I will also fair were a runt bit of buzzed—but that’s possible to be a overall use case! Due to the the absolute symmetry, I frequently lastly discontinue up preserving the distant the substandard manner, despite the truth (or presumably thanks to the truth!) that it’s weighted a runt bit more heavily on one discontinue. Presumably, the further weight used to be meant to well situate the distant in the person’s hand, but it completely by no map appears to be like to work that manner for me. I inevitably are trying to make use of the underside half of as a trackpad, then accept pissed off at the truth that it’s no longer working before realizing I’m (as soon as all as soon as more) preserving the distant backwards. 

The “no longer pondering the utilization ambiance” subject

I don’t test with the Apple TV distant nearly about as frequently as I believed I’d on legend of it’s upright no longer how I’m inclined to interacting with a TV.

A immense precedence in hardware product plot—and even in app plot—is asking, “Where is this product primarily going to be inclined?” In the case of app plot, if the app goes to be inclined exclusively exterior (speak, by transport other folks), designers want to adjust the honour ratio of the colors to be certain the interface is considered in colorful sun. Or, let’s speak these transport other folks get aside on immense riding gloves. Better originate these buttons massive! And wager where I forever am, and where most other folks in most cases are, after they’re the use of the Apple TV distant—in the gloomy! 

At the same time as you are going to barely test the distant, and when the distant doesn’t fill any lights to cloak which discontinue is up, and when the designers made it such that one discontinue is nearly indistinguishable from the different… you’ve got yourself a recipe for person frustration. 

Here’s one more function the Apple TV distant wasn’t designed for the ambiance it’s being inclined in: it’s too thin! Because most other folks sit on the sofa while looking out at TV—and this miniature distant gets lost between the cushions of said sofa. Every. Single. Time. 

I’ve spent limitless hours procuring for the Apple TV distant—and undeservedly yelling at my children for behaving irresponsibly—when surely it has as soon as all as soon as more slipped deep into the bowels of our sofa on legend of—as talked about previously—it’s additionally mountainous slippery!

Yay, Apple TV! Boo, Apple TV distant

These concerns all lead me to one conclusion: the plot precedence right here used to be to originate something that would possibly attend sales by looking out mountainous on a cloak cloak but whichisn’tthat mountainous at manipulating assert on said cloak cloak. Which is wretched, since that’s the one ingredient a distant is supposed to originate.

Every part changed for Steve Brykman when he left med college to change into Managing Editor ofNationwide Lampoon. More lately, he co-based Apperian and is currently a Digital Strategist with Propelics—though he peaceful performs standup comedy at any time when he gets the likelihood.


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