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We desire a ‘Bird Field’ sequel to retort to our many, many burning questions – USA TODAY

We desire a ‘Bird Field’ sequel to retort to our many, many burning questions – USA TODAY


We desire a ‘Bird Field’ sequel to retort to our many, many burning questions - USA TODAY

Social media is stirring with blindfolded members doing the #BirdboxChallenge, impressed by scenes depicted in the favorite Netflix movie. The wretchedness is, it should always be slightly perilous.

Spoiler alert!This fable contains spot puny print for the Netflix sensation “Bird Field.” 

The parakeets are chirping, and the field is questioning: Will we get a sequel to the meme-in a spot hit “Bird Field”? 

Netflix printed that a portray-breaking 45 million subscribers watched the publish-apocalyptic thriller in its first week of release, and Nielsen confirms that 26 million U.S. subscribers watched the movie in the same seven-day duration. That is numerous followers who would possibly maybe maybe be eager if the streaming provider made one other film impressed by Josh Malerman’s book about Malorie (Sandra Bullock), who escapes an ominous presence with the inspire of birds she tows in a box to alert her when hazard is come. 

Sadly, it most definitely is now not at all times really occurring, as a minimal no longer quickly: A person accustomed to the subject nonetheless no longer licensed to keep in touch publicly about it says Netflix has no plans for a “Bird Field” sequel.  

The movie ends with Malorie traversing rapids and swimming to security together with her two young members and, as some distance as everybody is aware of, safely finding refuge in a house for the blind. We would possibly maybe maybe also by no device study what occurs next, nonetheless we now possess got many, many questions: 

1. Is there a bodily movie monster?

a photograph of an empty toy bundle.

2. What makes everybody suicidal?

famously useshis possess vocal clicksas echolocation to navigate the field, nonetheless it absolutely looks to be they would possibly maybe maybe also study better systems of transferring round than good attaching themselves to rope (though that is additionally useful).

4. Are the birds peculiar in their thought of the monster?

Malorie’s boxed birds assist as an indicator that detestable is come, nonetheless we don’t know: One, whether or no longer birds are at wretchedness of suicide; two, how they survived a lumber that fervent time spent in the freezer and water; and three, why they can sense the hazard.

Additionally, are varied animals exact at alerting that a monster is round? And what grocery stores really sell reside birds like the one in “Bird Field”? 

5. How did Malorie and Tom (Trevante Rhodes) assign hot for five years of publish-apocalyptic lifestyles?

Malorie and Tom, RIP, search comely with properly-coiffed hair and toned our bodies all via the movie, all while reputedly surviving off of nonperishable meals.

Presumably there are added elegance advantages to narrowly escaping the detestable pressure? 

6. How mighty of Charlie’s (Lil Rel Howery) “endgame” blabber is valid?

Earlier than Charlie’s heroic loss of life, the grocery retailer clerk tells his new housemates about intensive live-of-instances evaluate he did for a book that he’s conveniently writing on the subject. 

He describes an “entity that takes on the create of your worst fears: deepest disappointment, most attention-grabbing loss.” He additionally says that the detestable makes “pregnant ladies encounter unborn young members as varied creatures equivalent to lobsters or spiders.”

Had been lobsters and spiders the shapes that Gary became drawing? Does the entity indeed consume on the create of most attention-grabbing loss? It perceived to for Douglas’ accomplice: She referred to as out to her unhurried mom ahead of deliberately strolling into the flames of a burning vehicle.

7. How did Malorie’s doctor bag refuge?

Dr. Lapham (Parminder Nagra), Malorie’s OB-GYN,  is (surprise!) on the Tucker College for the Blind that’s reputedly nowhere come her health heart when Malorie and her young members in the smash create it there, too.

Did Dr. Lapham additionally dart rapids to get there? Did she possess somebody be the suicidal lookout as she rode these rapids? Did she engage to circumvent the rapids totally and no longer prepare the recommendation of a converse on the phone who suggested she consume the lethal rapids?

In varied news: It’d be nice to get an change on where Felix (Machine Gun Kelly) and Lucy (Rosa Salazar) ended up with their stolen vehicle.


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