Lawsuit alleges Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford siphoned $12M for private accomplish

A lawsuit filed in a Texas civil court alleges that Randy Pitchford, co-founder and CEO of Gearbox Utility, improperly siphoned $12 million from that firm for private accomplish. The story was as soon as first reported by Kotaku, and is per public court documents filed on Dec. 21, 2018.

The suit was as soon as filed by Wade Callender, mature fashioned counsel and vp of correct affairs at Gearbox, and is made towards Pitchford and Gearbox itself. In a outstanding 27-web page criticism, Callender alleges that in 2016, on the identical time that Gearbox was as soon as denying raises companywide, Pitchford secretly organized a worthy payout for private accomplish.

“It was as soon as Randy Pitchford himself who breached his fiduciary responsibilities by exploiting Gearbox workers and property to fund Pitchford’s private cravings,” court documents state. “As an illustration, while Randy was as soon as denying employee raises predicated on low cash reserves, Randy secretly saddled Gearbox’s workers with the burden of repaying a non-public, private $12M ‘bonus’ that Randy Pitchford rerouted from Gearbox’s publisher straight to Randy’s facet entity, ‘Pitchford Entertainment Media & Magic.’ Unbeknownst to Gearbox workers, Randy Pitchford organized to shift the burden of Randy’s long-standing, multi-million greenback ‘bonus’ to the right identical workers from whom he hid the affiliation.”

The lawsuit is segment of a advantage-and-forth correct battle, with Gearbox and Pitchford on one facet and Callender on the opposite. Callender’s suit was as soon as filed roughly one month after Gearbox itself filed suit towards him in Collin County, Texas.

In a duplicate of the suit posted online, Gearbox alleges more than one improprieties by Callender. Allegations encompass the non-rate of a private dwelling mortgage, breach of contract connected to tuition compensation, and the misuse of Gearbox’s bank card to get rid of “household vacations, gun membership memberships and firearms accessories, and attempting to gain six-pack abs.”

In civil suits akin to those, it’s fashioned for both events to flesh out their case with detrimental recordsdata on the opposite facet. Both suits are peppered with private assaults, nevertheless in all chance the most jaw-dropping component of Callender’s suit are his allegations that Pitchford left a USB drive containing “‘underage’ pornography” within the advantage of at a firm tournament.

“On recordsdata and belief, Randy Pitchford’s USB drive contained distinguished bigger than the gentle corporate documents of Gearbox and enterprise partners like Desire-Two Interactive, 2K Games, Sega, Microsoft, Sony, and rather a lot of others.” states Callender’s correct group. “Upon recordsdata and belief, Randy Pitchford’s USB drive moreover contained Randy Pitchford’ s private sequence of ‘underage’ pornography.”

The criticism moreover alleges “Peacock Parties” thrown by Pitchford the place “grownup men contain reportedly exposed themselves to minors, to the amusement of Randy Pitchford.”

Peacock is moreover the name of a itsy-bitsy theater that Randy Pitchford maintains out of his private Frisco, Texas dwelling. In step with Files Live, the entertainment web diagram from The Dallas Morning News, it’s segment of Pitchford’s effort to “cultivate a native vary arts scene.”

Both cases are ongoing. Polygon has reached out to both events for commentary. In a enlighten supplied to Kotaku, a Gearbox spokesperson known as the allegations towards Pitchford “absurd, without a basis indubitably or law” and the lawsuit “meritless.” Callender’s legal reliable, in a enlighten supplied to Polygon, would hiss easiest the next: “You’ll contain to quiz Mr. Pitchford what he did with his USB drive and the replica that he instant others to extinguish.”

The dueling suits come intellectual a few months after Pitchford went public with accusations that his mature assistant, John Wright Martin, had grifted the Gearbox founder and his wife out of some $3 million.

Change (6:35 p.m. ET):As Ars Technica experiences, Randy Pitchford regarded on a magic-themed podcast one day after the lawsuit towards him was as soon as filed by Wade Callender. On that program he corroborates a number of the story concerning the misplaced USB stick. His explanation? The pornography was as soon as saved as research for a magic trick. From Ars Technica:

Pitchford talks at length about porn that he enjoys looking out at, collectively with “camgirl” pornography, in which a bunch exposes themself to a reside feed and takes requests and financial guidelines from customers. Pitchford explained that he was as soon as “a client of this command.” He confirmed that he copied a particular video “to this memory stick” to, as he describes it, “figure out the way” of how a camgirl host faked the act of female ejaculation.

Pitchford moreover went to Twitter, refuting the claims made by Callender and calling them an are trying at extortion.

The assaults made by my mature buddy and colleague haven’t any basis indubitably or law. He’s merely attempting to shake me down for money. We are in a position to prefer, nevertheless because complaints are pending I will’t commentary as distinguished as I’d like. I’m timid by his lies. Thanks for your relish and give a prefer to.

— Randy Pitchford (@DuvalMagic) January 11, 2019

As a father, I gain crimes towards teenagers to be especially homely. It is entirely painful that a mature buddy and colleague would deceive test out to partner me with such vile behavior in his contain grasping pursuit of cash.

— Randy Pitchford (@DuvalMagic) January 11, 2019

As the day progresses, I’m discovering who my my friends are. Thank you for your relish and give a prefer to. I’m intellectual going to take a look at to focal level on my work and believe that truth and justice will prevail with the courts.

— Randy Pitchford (@DuvalMagic) January 11, 2019

“As a father,” Pitchford acknowledged in a tweet, “I gain crimes towards teenagers to be especially homely. It is entirely painful that a mature buddy and colleague would deceive test out to partner me with such vile behavior in his contain grasping pursuit of cash.”

Change (7:05 p.m. ET):In a enlighten to Polygon, Gearbox acknowledged it plans to file a criticism with the Tell Bar of Texas towards Callender, calling his accusations “lies.” From Gearbox:

Gearbox can be submitting a criticism with the Tell Bar of Texas towards our mature fashioned counsel Wade for disciplinary court cases for submitting a lawsuit that contains accusations that he knows to be false. The legal reliable’s principles of reliable behavior expressly limit the submitting of documents that are knowingly false. The expose is inside Wade’s hiss itself – his exercise of hedged legal reliable language and artful utility of quotation marks betray that he knows that the affect he’s attempting to make relies in lies. We predict about that he broken-down the quotation marks and legal reliable language in hopes that can give him some angles of defense after we inevitably expend action towards him for false statements. Wade is engaged in a shakedown and he’s clearly the exercise of deceit and lies to take a look at to trigger injury by promoting a fable that he knows is fake.

Gearbox moreover is named the lawsuit allegations describing Pitchford’s USB stick “false” and referenced the beforehand talked about podcast reported by Ars Technica. “The memory stick story in build a query to is, for positive, moreover false,” Gearbox acknowledged. “Wade himself knows that the allegation of the performer being ‘underage’ is fake – that’s why he build that be conscious in quotes.”

The developer moreover commented on Callender’s allegations concerning the “Peacock Parties” that the Pitchfords hosted. From Gearbox:

Every performance at The Peacock Theater is recorded. While we are in a position to’t straight release these movies publicly earlier than gaining consent from the performers, we are in a position to invite you to evaluation all or any of these movies in private for additonal validation. You will gain out about that there’s nothing to give a prefer to what Wade has alleged and that Wade’s claims are false. Also, in fact that there’s no such component as a “Peacock Event.” Here is terminology that the Pitchfords contain in no way broken-down and was as soon as made up by Wade in a extra strive to color a sensational portray that’s demonstrably false.

The opposite enterprise connected claims are moreover filled with lies and deceit and we are in a position to prevail after we handle these in court.

Randy is timid by the meritless allegations introduced up by a mature buddy and colleague, to whom he has prolonged his private funds more than one instances to succor him get rid of a condo, a car, and even fully finance his tuition and costs for an executive MBA at Pepperdine.


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