Is Steve Harvey Leaving NBC Thanks to Kelly Clarkson’s Unique Uncover? –

Befriend in September, NBC picked up Kelly Clarkson’s new talk about uncover, “The Kelly Clarkson Uncover,” for the network’s tumble premiere line up. In step with the Hollywood Reporter, the uncover used to be scheduled to air as a lead-in to Ellen Degeneres’, “Ellen,” changing Steve Harvey’s namesake talk about uncover in 10 of the 11 NBC markets. 

But now, with Clarkson’s uncover put to steal over Harvey’s time slot, the destiny and future of Harvey’s self-titled talk about uncover stays unclear. The truth is, in an interview with Diversity’s Entertainment Summer at CES on Wednesday, Harvey acknowledged he didn’t even know he used to be being changed except the news broke in the press. 

“I conception I used to be except they made an announcement a pair weeks prior to now that they wished to present Kelly Clarkson the owned and operated NBC Networks, and that’s my slot,” Harvey acknowledged of the uncertainty surrounding his uncover at the network. “I don’t know if it supplied – it’s now now not promoting devour they conception.” 

“I conception it would’ve been good of them to come to me – as being primarily the most predominant dude that’s survived [in daytime TV] for them for seven years,” Harvey persisted, “and mumble, ‘Steve, were’ hooked in to doing this.’ But no, they objective made an announcement. So while you finish that, I gotta invent announcements, too.” 

“It’s likely you’ll be in a position to’t invent announcements and don’t search recordsdata from to respect to listen to one your self,” Harvey acknowledged. “And so, I’m working. It’ll be something true lovely.”

As he persisted, he additional defined his frustration with being left in the unimaginative of night about the Clarkson uncover, especially since he’s change into and remained a daring portion of the network. 

“I’m an honorable guy and I’m objective an ragged college guy and I objective conception that you just’re speculated to refer to with folks and hurry, ‘Peek, you’ve been objective switch for us. Right here’s what we’re pondering of doing. Are you okay with that?’ No, you don’t objective put something in the paper and mumble, ‘I’m gonna invent this pass objective here’ attributable to it’s crazy. You peek at the numbers on my uncover and it’s No. 4 in sunlight hours tv — it’s keeping objective there. I bought a success, so somebody’s gonna request that.”

“My uncover, Steve, is largely the most predominant uncover over the final seven years that’s got here into syndication and stuck,” he acknowledged. “Nothing else has stuck. There used to be no syndicated TV reveals launched in seven years which respect stuck.”

Is Steve Harvey Leaving NBC Thanks to Kelly Clarkson's Unique Uncover? -


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