Felony knowledgeable Claims That R. Kelly Did not Know About Aaliyah’s Age Because She ‘Lied’ – Essence

Felony knowledgeable Claims That R. Kelly Did not Know About Aaliyah's Age Because She 'Lied' - Essence


In an interview with ABC Data, Steven Greenberg defended his client in opposition to the allegations raised in Lifetime’s “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary.

R. Kelly’s lawyer has denied that the R&B singer knew that Aaliyah was easiest 15 when he married her in a defensive interview withABC Dataon Thursday.

Steven Greenberg fiercely defended his client, pronouncing that the Lifetime docu-series,Surviving R. Kelly, was “crap.”

The six-fragment documentary chronicles decades of the singer’s alleged sexual misconduct, which he has repeatedly denied. With more than 50 interviews with Kelly’s victims, conventional pals, and relatives, it has been a revealing portrayal of how the “Ignition” singer allegedly fearful and assaulted young Dusky girls for decades.

“There are no underage victims,” Greenberg suggestedABC Data. “There are no sexual assault victims. There are no victims of domestic violence that they’re going to search out. It correct didn’t ever happen.”

Greenberg also pushed encourage in opposition to the allegations that R. Kelly married Aaliyah when she was correct 15 years frail, as a replacement spinning the identified information to dispute that his client did not know her age.

“… my working out is that she did not pronounce to be 15, and in present to internet married, she needed to lie about her age.”

“And he’s pronouncing that he had no idea?” interviewer Linsey Davis requested.

“No idea,” Greenberg confirmed.

Since the premiere ofSurviving R. Kelly, many celebrities delight in reach out to denounce the R&B singer.

Nonetheless Greenberg says that he expects “that all this blows over.“

”I mediate R. Kelly is going to be the easiest client I ever had, because he didn’t discontinuance anything else pass and he’s not going to internet charged with anything else,“ he said. ”So I’m not going to want to discontinuance anything else.“


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