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Barring some eleventh-hour intervention, the host of the 2019 Oscars can be … drumroll please…

No one.

While there’s continually of mission that the Academy of Motion Image Arts and Sciences may perhaps perhaps also gain somebody at the closing minute, the previously announced host Kevin Hartno doubtgained’t be keeping the gig. Hart confirmed as great on January 9, following a weeks-long fiasco spicy homophobic tweets and jokes he made in the past. He changed into stepping down amid an prolonged controversy over what many look as his refusal to basically grunt regret for those tweets and jokes, and a mistaken strive by Ellen DeGeneres to aid rehabilitate Hart’s image and reinstate him as host.

(Representatives from the Academy now also convey that DeGeneres, who hosted the level to in 2007 and 2014, misrepresented her conversation with an Academy legit about Hart.)

Meanwhile, the February 24 are living broadcast is ready six weeks away, there’s no replace host in glimpse, and sources shut to the technique comprise told Form that the Oscars’ producers are basically planning a bunch-less ceremony for the first time in a long time. Moderately than a single host tying the level to collectively, that job will fall to loads of megastar presenters who will likely step in right thru the night to introduce segments, hand out awards, and, according to Form’s sources, create skits and musical numbers.

Reportedly, “the Avengers will assemble an appearance, too” — which may perhaps perhaps be to be anticipated, given that ABC, the network airing the ceremony, is owned by Wonder’s company overlords, Disney.

But has a bunch-free Oscars ever took area sooner than? Why no longer staunch gain somebody else to helm the level to in 2019? And is there any ultimate cause to head host-free, even other than for Kevin Hart’s self-immolation?

Has there ever been a bunch-free Oscars? Yes, and it changed into a catastrophe.

At the 61st Academy Awards, held on March 29, 1989, great of the night changed into alternate as fashioned. Varied celebrities, a superb deal of whom had been accurate-existence couples, introduced the statuettes: Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. There had been some family acts, too: Beau, Jeff, and Lloyd Bridges introduced, as did Donald and Kiefer Sutherland. Cher gave out the award for Easiest Image, toRain Man. Bob Hope and Lucille Ball — for whom the ceremony marked her closing public appearance sooner than her death on April 26 of that year — showed up to introduce a musical number entitled “I Need to Be an Oscar Winner.”

But no one served as host, opening with a monologue and stitching collectively the sections with connective patter. The level to staunch moved from one bit to the following. And most of it changed into wonderful.

The “I Need to Be an Oscar Winner” musical number, nevertheless — alongside with a technique more famed one, a disastrous opening part that replaced the worn monologue to comprise Snatch Lowe duet with Snow White — may perhaps perhaps also very properly be section of the cause a bunch-free Oscars by no method took area again.

Right here’s the Snatch Lowe/Snow White:

Within the bit, Snow White assemble the day out out to glittering Hollywood, which she’s been missing since her heyday in the slack 1930s. Upon her arrival, she’s shown a ultimate time at a model of the pre-Prohibition Cocoanut Grove membership, where Merv Griffin, singing a variation on his hit “I’ve Got a Graceful Bunch of Coconuts,” introduces loads of passe-timey Hollywood megastar couples who’re sitting at the tables, esteem Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, and Vincent Designate and Coral Browne.

Ultimately Snow is launched to her blind date for the night, Snatch Lowe, and they relate and dance their method thru an interminable tribute to Hollywood, singing “Rollin’, rollin’, purchase the cameras rollin’.”

It changed into surreal, weirdly scripted, produced badly in spots (the cameras couldn’t moderately desire out where to level at cases), and it ended with a showgirl-vogue chorus line of dancing theater ushers, which felt esteem something ultimate out of a fever dream, nevertheless no longer in a ultimate method. Additionally, Snatch Loweno doubtdidn’t comprise the vary.

The skit is composed remembered as an scandalous catastrophe, one that mortified the new-confronted actress taking part in Snow White, Eileen Bowman, who changed into 22 at the time and mentioned she’d staunch “fallen off the turnip truck” when she auditioned for the position. Primarily essentially based on Bowman, she changed into stable-armed into signing a gag affirm afterward.

Lowe changed into 24, and struggling to rehabilitate his image after a sex tape spicy him and two girls, one of whom changed into very top 16 years passe, had surfaced. Somebody clearly thought that having him playa roughly Prince Charming would reduction. He’s endured to budge fun at it in the a long time since.

(Lowe went on to comprise a a hit occupation; Bowman, no longer so great.)

Lily Tomlin got here on stage after the sketch and cracked that “more than a billion and a half of us staunch watched that, and at this very moment they’re making an strive to assemble sense of it.”

And here’s “I Need to Be an Oscar Winner,” which changed into presupposed to introduce Hollywood’s “stars of the following day,” most of whom comprise more or less disappeared in the years since (Melora Hardin, Patrick Dempsey, Corey Feldman, Chad Lowe, and Ricki Lake however):

The number is an unfocused mess that wanders on and on, apparently as a showcase for loads of younger starlets’ singing and dancing skill, other than some of them are no doubt better than others. And looking back, it feels esteem a bunch of upstarts begging the Academy to hear to them — something the Academy then deigned to attain. Yikes.

After the ceremony, 17 Hollywood luminaries, collectively with Billy Wilder and feeble Academy president Gregory Peck, wrote an beginning letter to the level to’s producer, Allan Carr, declaring that the published changed into “an embarrassment to each the Academy and the total circulate portray alternate. It is neither fitting nor acceptable that the fitting work in circulate photos be acknowledged in the kind of demeaning model.”

And Carr by no method basically recovered from it. He’d been a famed producer, having labored on the Broadway versions ofLa Cage aux Folliesand the 1978 movieGrease, nevertheless the 1989 Oscars sunk his occupation so exhausting that they’re what he’s most remembered for at the present time. His properly being declined, he grew to change into hooked on remedy and alcohol, and he died in 1999 of liver most cancers.

So perhaps there’s a ultimate cause the Oscars had a bunch for the following 30 years. Billy Crystal hosted in 1990, and did the job eight more cases after that. Whoopi Goldberg took the reigns four cases, and Steve Martin three cases (as soon as with Alec 1st Earl 1st earl baldwin of bewdley of Bewdley as co-host). Ellen DeGeneres, Chris Rock, Jon Stewart, and Jimmy Kimmel comprise all hosted twice. James Franco and Anne Hathaway co-hosted twelve months. And Neil Patrick Harris, Hugh Jackman, David Letterman, Seth MacFarlane comprise all hosted as soon as.

83rd Annual Academy Awards - Show

James Franco and Anne Hathaway web hosting the Oscars in 2011.
Photo by Kevin Frosty weather/Getty Photography

But now, the Oscars are poised to head host-free all over again — even though no longer staunch thanks to Kevin Hart’s self-torpedo act. There’s basically precedent for what took area with Hart; in slack 2011, Eddie Murphy resigned from web hosting the 2012 level to when its producer, Brett Ratner, stepped down after making a sequence of substandard remarks, collectively with the observation that “rehearsal is for fags.” But when that’s the case, Billy Crystal stepped in to take over the position. This time round, it appears the Academy hasn’t been in a position to discovering someone else who is racy to settle for the gig.

Why, even though? Shouldn’t web hosting the Oscars be a fun and prestigious opportunity? You gain to don a tux or a sparkly dress, suppose some jokes, perhaps relate a tune, and celebrate the flicks with a mammoth target audience — what’s no longer to esteem?

Why is it so exhausting to search out an Oscar host?

We can’t convey specifically why no one is web hosting the 2019 Oscars, because we don’t know who the Academy requested. Did it plead with Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph to reprise their beloved awards-presenting bit from the 2018 level to, very top to be turned down? Did it ring up Hugh Jackman to request for a repeat performance and comprise Jackman purchase in opposition to it?

Who knows? But wecanmoderately protect that, at some level, the Academy requestedsomebodyother than Kevin Hart, and that somebody (or someones) mentioned no.

There are about a causes a particular person may perhaps perhaps also merely no longer wish to host the Oscars. One is that the job requires a superb deal of preparation — working with a writing workers to craft jokes and monologues, rehearsing, shooting promotional videos, perhaps giving interviews — and it merely doesn’t pay great money. Jimmy Kimmel mentioned he changed into paid $15,000 for web hosting the 2017 Oscars, and for stars and comedians of the caliber the Academy is surely making an strive to rent, of us with a excessive-ample profile to entice a huge viewership, that’s staunch no longer ample.

But there are a superb deal of different causes, too. Seth MacFarlane, who got here below frequent criticism after performing an in unpleasant health-knowledgeable musical number called “We Saw Your Boobs” all the tactic thru his 2013 turn as Oscars host, mentioned in a fresh interview with Leisure Weekly that the gig has “all eyes on it,” which makes it a first-rate target for criticism.

Eighty fifth Annual Academy Awards - Show

Channing Tatum and Charlize Theron dance with host Seth McFarlane at the 2013 Oscars.
Photo by Kevin Frosty weather/Getty Photography

“Must you’re doing something that’s that great in the spotlight, with that great focal level on it, that great intensity, you’re going to comprise a superb deal of opinions from a superb deal of of us,” MacFarlane mentioned. “I’m making an strive to deem of the closing time that I be taught a overview of the Oscars the following day where everybody appears to be raving about it—it’s been a in point of fact long time.”

Needless to direct, MacFarlane — the creator ofFamily GuyandThe Orville,megastar of films esteemTed, and four-time Grammy-nominated singer who idolizes Frank Sinatra — isn’t any longer exactly unused to being “in the spotlight.” So it’s perhaps no longer the spotlight itself that’s the accurate reveal.

What’s more likely is that the 40.3 million those that watched the Oscars when MacFarlane hosted in 2013 very top kind of overlapped withFamily Guy’s fan incorrect. The styles of jokes which may also merely work in that context (“We Saw Your Boobs” being an horny instance) are less efficient with the older target audience that the Academy considers to be its core Oscars viewership.

And with the Oscar rankings having taken a nosedive of slack (they are inclined to fluctuate, nevertheless 2018’s rankings had been the lowest in 10 years), the Academy has been desperately making an strive to search out methods to amplify viewership. The 2 mammoth strikes it announced earlier this year — a ultimate three-hour runtime for the 2019 Oscars and beyond (the 2018 ceremony ran to four hours), and the institution of a “Easiest Approved Image” category (which changed into launched for 2019 and then at this time postponed till 2020) — are section of an effort to assemble the are living match attention-grabbing to viewers.

And a few media executives are composed convinced that the host is without doubt one of many predominant draws of “splashy TV events” esteem the Oscars. If that’s comely, then discovering one who appeals to a younger crowd or to those that don’t typically tune in would reduction — and that, in turn, would reduction sell commercials, severely those centered at a coveted younger demographic.

But it’s volatile to rent somebody who’stooedgy, in an strive to attraction to a younger crowd. Despite every little thing, 2018’s rankings had been the lowest since 2008, when Jon Stewart — then the very in vogue host ofThe Day-to-day Show— hosted for the 2d time. Discovering somebody more attention-grabbing to a younger 2008 crowd than Stewart is exhausting to agree with, nevertheless he may perhaps perhaps also merely had been too political for some, collectively with most of the older viewers in the target audience.

And yet it’s no longer esteem taking part in it safe is a surefire strategy, either. A “safe” Oscars ceremony that purposely abstained from edginess, from offering any social or political commentary in anyway, would purchase Hollywood from displaying the area the progressive, inclusive image it wishes to mission — severely in 2019. And which may also merely be exactly the roughly ceremony that younger viewers would judge “inappropriate” and build a long way from.

Regardless, the postulate that younger of us will also peer the telecast appears uncertain at ideal in the age of YouTube and social media. Definite, the Oscars are composed one of many few “match” TV programs that folk capture to peer are living, alongside with the Wide Bowl, and probably the Grammys.

84th Annual Academy Awards - Show

Billy Crystal hosted the Oscars for the eighth time in 2012.
Kevin Frosty weather/Getty Photography

But you don’t basicallycompriseto peer. Within the occasion you’re queer about who wins, it is seemingly you’ll perchance perhaps perhaps staunch prepare alongside with the winners on Twitter and utilize the fitting bits through video clips on-line, and use your Sunday night binge-looking at something else as an replace. So there’s diminutive impetus for folk who’re already disinclined to peer the level to to without warning tune in for the stout three-hour stretch, staunch because they esteem the host, or because they wish to peer ifSad Pantherwins Easiest Image.

Which raises a first-rate search records from, one the Academy can be sorting out in 2019: Why evencomprisea bunch?

Fabricate the Oscars even basicallyneeda bunch?

The glittery, glompy mess of the 1989 Oscars obvious does seem esteem a cautionary memoir for 2019’s anticipated host-less affair (severely one that is being rumored to depend on “starry skits” and a “excessive-profile year for tune in movie”).

But there’s no obvious correlation between a lack of a single grasp or mistress of ceremonies and a ruin of a level to; one records level does no longer a construction line assemble. (Once in some time revealswithhosts comprise long past pretty badly, too: mediate the commonly panned case of James Franco and Anne Hathaway in 2011, or the famously prickly Chevy Chase in 1988.)

The Oscars comprise experimented with multiple hosts in the past — in the Seventies, it changed into pretty stylish to comprise four hosts — and occasionally make remark of fun pairings of actors to most in vogue the accurate awards. The job of the predominant host is to beginning the level to and present some connective tissue between trophy shows and segments esteem the In Memoriam montage, continuously through lighthearted jokes. But with the Academy’s stricter three-hour runtime in 2019, there perhaps wouldn’t be time for any novelty bits, esteem Jimmy Kimmel unpleasant random of us with movie stars.

Moreover, there’s a hazard in hiring one single host (or even a pair) for the Oscars in 2019. Fragment of the job of the Oscar host is to characterize Hollywood to the area — to mission, in tandem with the Academy’s chosen winners, how Hollywood sees itself, and what it aspires to be.

Worthy of the chatter in 2019 Hollywood — severely in the wake of #OscarsSoWhite and amid the continuing #MeToo circulate — centers on vary, inclusion, and re-envisioning a alternate that has long been dominated by white males and characterized by area of industrial practices that are in most cases exploitative and occasionally downright abusive. At festivals and in backroom conversations, in interviews and at cocktail events, a superb deal of of us are talking about broadening who even will get to suppose reviews in Hollywood.

81st Annual Academy Awards - Show

Host Hugh Jackman performs at the 2009 Oscars.
Photo by Kevin Frosty weather/Getty Photography

Substitute comesslowly— even though there changed into an uptick in films by shaded filmmakers closing year, females basically directed fewer films in 2018 than in 2017. But Hollywood wants you, and the rest of The United States, to understand that it wishes to lead the manner in opposition to a brighter, more diverse future. There’s a ultimate likelihood that message may perhaps perhaps also very properly be more clearly communicated thru a brilliant array of Oscars presenters, other than one particular person taking drugs to crack some jokes.

And, in actual fact, there’s a attraction to a bunch-less Oscars, even though the 2019 edition doesn’t cease up going properly (and even though Disney leveraging its company synergy to comprise the Avengers assemble a cameo appears, um, roughly desperate and probably no longer gigantic). Who knows who will level to up? I basically must peer the Oscars anyways because it’s my job, nevertheless I’m without warning a diminutive more attracted to how the night will unfold, who will halt by, and what they are going to attain. Now not taking part in by a a long time-passe e book may perhaps perhaps also assemble for severely better tv — or no longer no longer up to an inviting trainwreck value talking about for years yet to shut abet.


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