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‘Jersey Shore’s Deena Cortese mother-shamed for tiny one son’s coming-home outfit – USA TODAY

‘Jersey Shore’s Deena Cortese mother-shamed for tiny one son’s coming-home outfit – USA TODAY

Susan Haas, USA TODAY
Published 11:17 p.m. ET Jan. 8, 2019 |Up up to now 7:24 a.m. ET Jan. 9, 2019


'Jersey Shore's Deena Cortese mother-shamed for tiny one son's coming-home outfit - USA TODAY

‘Jersey Shore’ followers be pleased reason to be pleased an even time at the possibility of a forged get together after some ‘Jersey Shore’ stars were seen with filming crews in Asbury Park and Level Gorgeous Seaside on the New Jersey shore.

“Jersey Shore” star shared an Instagram photo of her fresh son, Christopher John “CJ” Bruckner, in a automobile seat on his methodology home from the well being facility, and commenters piled on, criticizing his outfit as unsafe. 

“Going home,” Cortese wrote in the caption, “( it’s now not a jacket .. it’s a onesie and well being facility popular it ) we’re now not ultimate nonetheless we obtained this  thank you for the troubles”

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Even after Cortese clarified what her son modified into carrying, she modified into flooded with comments.

Instagrammers were mentioning a warning from the Particular person Reporter’s Auto Take a look at Heart that cool climate coats dilapidated underneath a automobile seat harness shall be pleased an tag on the match of the harness, leaving straps dangerously loose.

One commenter cautioned, “use that tiny one out and fix it wait on in without the suit on and detect how loose the straps are!” One other added, “Onesie or now not it’s methodology too thick. Automobile seat safety isn’t something to use lightly. I don’t care if it’s unwarranted advice I’ll voice it to any individual.”

Nevertheless hundreds of participants were there to present a enhance to Cortese and her tiny family, with one person giving this memoir advice: “Rule #1 as a mother-Never submit a automobile seat pic bc perfect or injurious any individual somewhere will ridicule you.”

And a few other summed up what many were pondering: “welcome to motherhood and the total sanctimommy’s of instagram.”

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