God of Warfare artist’s Colossal Atomize Bros. fan art is stunning and frightful

Raf Grassetti is the art director for final one year’sGod of Warfare, but he’s grand better than the artist in the assist of the game’s scarred and war-ancient characters. His Instagram and Twitter picture that the artist he’s an gigantic fan of assorted totally different franchises, too. And his most unique fancy is for Colossal Atomize Bros., an obsession that has led him to kick off a series of Instagram posts sharing his current Atomize fighters, reimagined.

We’ll be upfront: Grassetti is wildly proficient, as the bulk of his work shows. And several of his Colossal Atomize Bros. portraits are additionally fine. Metroid’s Samus Aran looks spacious, for starters; it’s a svelte, statuesque impact of the grand bounty hunter.

Then recall this stunning version of Link, clad in hisBreath of the Wildtunic, his hair windswept, his pores and skin poreless:

We’re in particular into this buffed-up Fox McCloud, his third fragment in the series.

But his most unique field cloth is delving into uncharted territory, and in all likelihood it was that components for a reason. On Sunday, Grassetti presented the realm to his vision of Bowser — “King of the Koopas,” as he calls him. And what a belief it is, one we can now now not ever unsee.

The Mushroom Kingdom will be repeatedly below siege, lunge, but I imagine it would possibly maybe well be entirely ravaged by now if Bowser stomped in looking out love … smartly, that.

But it’s Sonic the Hedgehog that Grassetti has in actual fact taken liberties with. Brace yourselves for a grand manlier version of the perpetual quick-footed teen:

Offered that the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog film will give the blue blur a stout living of calves (a reality we are mute coming to phrases with, mournfully), in all likelihood Grassetti is completely earlier than the curve. As grand as we’re taking half in his Colossal Atomize Bros. Remastered series, we’re quietly grateful thatColossal Atomize Bros. Idealfollows in the tradition of its forebears with a pleasantly cartoony make.

Grassetti guarantees more art work to achieve, teasing a Mewtwo portrait next. As a minimum we know Mewtwo is already bizarrely muscular for a Pokémon, so we are able to be better willing for the God of Warfare artist’s next post.


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