Hobbyists resurrect Kojima’s “lost” sport P.T. as a free PC download


Comprises optionally within the market VR mode—for now, that mode is broken, so your pants are accurate.

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  • Welcome toUnreal PT, a fan-made game of the lost Hideo Kojima horror “demo” that launched with out cost on PS4 in 2014.

    Unreal PT

  • This gallery contains a fashion of diverse creepy moments as recreated byUnreal PT.

  • Spooky lights, check. Ominous sentences appearing on walls for no reason, check.

  • A creepy message appearing under a light, Laura Palmer-esque portrait, checkity check check.

  • And that says nothing of the writhing, crying fetus within the sink.

Roughly a twelve months after Konami releasedP.T., a free “Soundless Hills teaser” trip for the PlayStation 4, the Japanese sport creator removed its list. Ever since, the major manner to play thru this eerie, atmospheric horror vignette has been to win a PS4 that had already downloaded the demo.

That changed on Friday with the originate of a free, and largely real, replica of the trip.Unreal PTis now on hand for House windows PCs, and it supplies a nearly identical playthrough of the PS4 long-established. Ars has conducted thru the 1.6GB trip and confirmed that it delivers a first-rate model of the Hideo Kojima long-established.

That manner it’s good to unquestionably positioned on headphones and rating a original pair of pants. Decades later,P.T.silent supplies a uniquely unsettling trip, thanks to its combination of repetition, simplicity, creepy touches, and impeccable sound produce. Unreal PTtransfers all of these aspects to House windows PC, all whereas scaling as a lot as appropriate 4K resolution, leaning into spectacular Unreal Engine 4 visual outcomes, and maxing out at your most well liked frame rate. Sadly, the sport’s “wake from the bottom” intro and pre-rendered conclusion will no longer be incorporated, so any one ticket-original toP.T.must want to witness a playthrough on YouTube after finishing to peep what’s missing. (In simply news, the download contains a functional “files.txt” file to level systems to rating thruP.T.‘s most confusing moments whenever you occur to rating stuck at any level.)

The mission’s lead developer, Radius Gordello, posted a fashion log alongside the originate to verify roughly 9 months of fashion time. It info the group’s effort to provide many of his model’s assets from scratch, collectively with “textures, fashions, animations, gameplay, and code.” However Gordello makes no bones about reusing particular, key assets, collectively with “Lisa’s, Norman’s, and the diminutive one’s fashions, the radio, and the photos within the image frames,” alongside with every long-established sound discontinue and dialogue recording. That sheer reality makes the download’s appropriate station in particular shadowy.

As a bonus (or a minus, hoping for your level of learn about),Unreal PTpurports to work with VR headsets in a sit down-down capacity. However, Gordello makes clear in his notes that the demo’s VR implementation is a lot from optimum, owing to his lack of ample VR fashion instruments (he simply ran a few VR tests at a college’s pc lab). As smartly as to being creepy as all rating-out,Unreal PT‘s VR implementation is ceaselessly broken; its most productive no doubt attention-grabbing aspect is that it fails to smartly align your 3D avatar, so you doubtlessly also can reposition your physique in right-existence home to peep the sport’s right-time render of actor Norman Reedus.


‘s long-established reason, as a teaser for a collaboration between Hideo Kojima and film director Guillermo Del Toro on a “Soundless Hills” sport mission, has long since flown the coop.

Kojima became once fired from Konami

no longer as a lot as a twelve months after


‘s originate, and all of the studio’s Kojima-helmed initiatives, collectively with

Soundless Hills

, ground to a end rapidly in a while. (The firing’s timing, before

Metal Equipment Solid V

‘s originate, led to later hypothesis about why that sport’s ending regarded rushed.)

Kojima, Del Toro, and Reedus beget all since reunited for the Sony-printed, PS4-original sportLoss of life Stranding, whose originate date silent has no longer been announced.

Itemizing record by Unreal PT


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